mATX Board Selection

I contemplated using a NCASE M1 ITX chassis for a gaming build. I wanted something cool (temps), quiet, but also powerful. I've read forum post and build logs from all over and it seems the the best way to keep a powerhouse cool in that chassis is to do some custom water cooling. I think it's sweet but I don't have the initiative to do so. So I've chosen the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv case in black for the gaming build. I'll be using a Haswell refresh i5 processor. I've narrowed the mainboard down to three.

  1. Gigabyte -
  2. ASRock Fatal1ty -
  3. ASRock OC -

I really like the price of the Gigabyte. Comments on the ASRock OC say it's the best for the price. ASRock Fatal1ty, gaming grade, looks nice, "gaming features".

Which would you reccomend and why? Is there any other motherboards for $175 CAD and under that would be better? Thoughts?

If you could stretch your budget by ~$7

Have you tried using PCPartPicker to choose a board?

That link is filtered to search for mATX, sort by price, and Z97 chipset so that you have a potential upgrade path to Broadwell once Intel releases it.

The Asus Gryphon is realy a great choice its a decent board, but yeah it comes with a higher price.

I think that both Asrock boards are also good choices.

Would this board be suitable for two GTX 770's in sli?

no, the Asus Z97M plus does not support SLi unfortunatly.

I think that i would go with the Asrock Z97M OC Formula

+1, Formula seems nuts, and not too pricy with rebate