Matt Gray, The Last Ninja 2 is back

There is this thing I have about SID-music and 8-bit music. You know, like Ear Slayer.

That thing came to me during my most formative years, which happens to be the eighties. A C64, the first computer I had, was an intriguing universe to explore - the bits, the bytes, the RAM, the ROM. I got this limited sandbox, and went out on an exploration, an adventure - to learn, to understand, everything about it. This has been the most amazing challenge of my youth, and one I excelled at. That was my universe. And it had an soundtrack. In fact several soundtracks. I used to record the game soundtracks to a tape so I could listen to it while fooling around in assembler - the music inspiring me to persist in my pursuits. As it happens, now I program for living. When I say formative, I mean formative. When I say inspiring, I mean inspiring.

So if there ever was an OST of that universe, Matt Gray is one of the great musicians on that OST. In fact, one of the few musicians from that time whose tunes I still shuffle around in my head.

I am not alone about this feeling. I just backed it on the kickstarter (link below), and so have many others.

TL; DR: Go listen to this. Throw money at it if you like.