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Matrix 4 thread

So no Matrix 4 thread or am i just old?


Do we really need a soft reboot of the matrix?

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I don’t know man. It seems like there is zero interference in the writing and dev of the movie.

You can’t go back, but it can be a good extension.

I was shrugging it until i saw the trailer.

Doesn’t look soft

Cautiously optimistic. I always wanted a sequel but was concerned about what they might do with one.


I don’t know, I can name maybe three good movies the Wachowskis made and only one of them is a matrix movie, so I’m not holding my breath for this one.


I don’t think we’re going to get an M.Night shamalama ding dong ending. The Wachowski’s scripts and plots aren’t weak sauce.

Matrix 4 - …
Sense8 - Agree is garbage, but Einstein had a couple of failed swings after special relativity
Cloud Atlas - same as below
Jupiter Ascending - based on Shit book
Speed Racer - Kids movie
V for Ventetta - Based on a comic, not there IP
Ten Matrix things - Bees Knees
Bound - Double Dope
Assassins - Dope


Cautiously optimistic as well. The second and third movie werent as impressive as the first to me, and after the third its honestly hard to imagine what theyre after or what the threat is here. they have amnesia and are in the matrix again and thats it, not enough to grab my attention yet. Lets hope its not as mehh as that new Bill and Ted movie.


It’s not a literal work.

It didn’t have a hope in hell, without Rufus.


lounge is the matrix thread. This is good to. i am kidding. the lounge is like the matrix. kind of real, but in between reality and derailed train.

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No more.

The question now is. Do i watch it on the Big Screen or at home on a 4k with headphones.

Matrix 4 Vieing options
  • Big Screen The-atre
  • Home 4k + Headphones

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Way better experience imo.

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Yes, all Matrix Related comments go here!

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@Ancient_Evil_God, This is funny. That time stamp isn’t intrinsic to the movie. It’s just whatever the viewer timestamp was became integrated into the trailer. LOL


I’ve got a lot of thoughts on that. Probably not the thread for that though.

a hue hue hue

Looks like Neo’s body is still in the machine city and they’ve got him trapped in a simulation. Probably to figure out “the anomaly” that he represents.

Movie 2 and 3 are good movies though. Not fantastic. But good.

Here’s a nice 2 hours essay on that, from a few months ago: The Matrix Sequels Are Good, Actually | Curio (ft. Sarah Zedig) - YouTube

It actually looks better than I was expecting. I’m kind of trepidatious over the absence of Lilly Wachowski, even if she has given it her blessing, but what I’ve seen looks good.

idk what the deal with Morpheus and Laurence Fishburne is either. Like people are saying it’s because he died in the MMO, but most of the other returning characters died too. The film is literally called Resurrections (or Resurrection? The Internet is calling it both), so I’m not really seeing why that would be a factor.

The big question is, will there finally be a fight between vectors and matrices ?

Will Neo manage to invert the matrix and thereby solve the system of linear equations ? Fighting the system is his thing, is it not ? He will need both determination and a determinant.

If we’re lucky they’ll introduce quaternions. Those are superior to matrices when it comes to rotation : they don’t gimbal-lock. They are as flexible as Trinity ! And they have a trinity of imaginary parts too ! It can’t be a coincidence.

OK I think that’s all the math jokes I have for now. There may be a sequel to this post if I think that can grab as much money as Matrix 2 and 3… but am I so artistically bankrupt ?.. :thinking:


Same, i am a big fan of the originals.
But i am afraid i might not like the newer ones and them ruining
the og’s for me