Massive astrophysical objects governed by subatomic equation: The Schrödinger

This is exciting news. Four teams of scientists worldwide have been looking for fractal repetitions in nature for decades now. Seeing such an incredibly complex repetition across such vast scales could provide a Rosetta Stone that lays the supersymmetry of the universe bare for all to see, and could lead to a Theory of Everything. Without such a Rosetta Stone, current estimates are the next generation of computers will be powerful enough to solve the problem.


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To tell the truth, astronomy bores me and I’m only interested in the physics. Astronomers usually don’t talk about the things that might interest me, although I did know one astronomer who was also a philosopher and great to talk to for many years, but I lost track of him. For me, space time isn’t a mystery and I already have a pretty good idea of what astronomers should discover in the next few decades. For example, the fact the universe is flatter and larger than Relativity suggests is merely Relativity falling apart in extremes.