Mass Effect DLC on Origin - Ever on sale?

So as everyone already knows by now, i’ve got the ME Trilogy. But I still need the DLCs… And my GOD, they are expensive as SIN.

8 year old game has $30 worth of DLCs which add just several hours of content.

Any Origin users? Can you tell me from experience how often these things go on sale? This is just DUMB. As if it’s already bad enough. EA are the only exception. All games eventually get a Complete or GotY Edition. Not the Mass Effect Trilogy. Surprised they included all DLCs for the first game. Wtf?


competitive pricing

You realize EA started that platform so they wouldn’t have to compete on price right?

why didn’t you buy the first 2 on steam? it’s only 35 bucks for the both of them, and the digital deluxe comes with all the dlc AFAIK

I got a good price on the boxed trilogy. So I bought it. Plus, I always get boxed editions. I only go digital if I have to.

And how does Origin make EA non competitive on price?

You make it sound like you do not think the dlc is worth the cost, why even bother then?

It’s a loss leader. they can lock people in with origin exclusives, then crank up all the hidden costs and tertiary fees as much as they like.

They also don’t have to give a cut of that to valve, and in their marketing launch, they made sure to be perceived as separate from the steam ecosystem to avoid the culture of price drops.

Worth that cost at this time? No. Probably not. Considering a Complete Edition of a game of that age has a shitload more gameplay content. Common sense. No need to point out unimportant bullshit…

How much is Skyrim Legendary these days? And how much is fucking Mass Effect 2 + all DLC? Way more. That’s how much. This game is some sort of anomaly for DLC. And it should be very obvious. It’s not normal. 7 years later. For video game standards, even ME3 has all of its dust settled and laid to rest. It isn’t GTAV. Selling like crazy, years later.


Idk… I might either wait till the holidays or do that… err. Thing. That I hear people doing for ME DLC. Oh, and Digital Deluxe on Steam for $30 gets you the base game plus some in-game weapons and digital artbook and soundtrack.

L-L-L-LOL. Yeah. This has got to be smoking gun proof this is all scheister’d across the board for all methods of purchasing the DLC.

Yeah, but Mass Effect 2 is arguably 10 times more polished and the quality of the story is significantly better than Skyrim IMO. Skyrim is a disingenuous comparison…

EA obviously believe that its worth it, but it does go on sale so anyone suggesting otherwise… Origin had one of the bundles on 40% off last month, that sounds about right for a sale.

ME2 dlc was also on sale last month 40% off

Obviously some misinfo on this thread already which is a shame.

Not sure what you mean by polished. I wouldn’t ever compare the games side by side like that. I’m just talking about how much gameplay per hour you get. Because we’re talking about DLC and pricing here. And Skyrim is Skyrim. It’s a Bethesda game. It speaks for itself. Other than the codex and the world, ME is basically a cover-based third person shooter RPG. I know a lot of people that have yet to get their cherry popped by a Beth game who think ME is fucking insane. They’re great games. But i’m playing ME1 right now, for example. And aside from the Citadel, the story, the WORLD. The gameplay is getting pretty redundant. I’ve been doing a lot of Mako-ing around shitty planets and going into outposts and shooting a bunch of bad guys. And returning to the Normandy.


That’s why I like it when people distill information down to zero. I guess people got caught up in the game talk? Idk. Well if I only just missed a sale last month, and I got the game a week ago or so, then i’m pretty much screwed for who knows how long… FFS.

What was the last sale date before that one? I wonder how often they go on sale.

y’all remember when bioware was good

yeah me too. I loved 2004.

Since there are generally sales on holidays I’d expect there will almost certainly be one at Christmas at the latest.

Well, then I guess it’s settled. I suppose i’ll finish ME1. Then start the Witcher series until I can do ME2 and 3.

Origin seems to be kind of like a brick wall in terms of how easily I can see what’s on sale, though. Compared to Steam. I’m guessing I can just set up alerts for wishlist items?

you could use is there any deal to set alerts

I read that websites like kinguin are third party hence they are illegal sources to get keys, your best bet would be to watch out for the price drop.

that’s garbage propoganda, it’s like saying gamestop is illegal because it isn’t a game publisher

The sites are not illegal, but the keys may have been obtained illegally which is why they can get a bad reputation and aren’t allowed on this forum.

things sold on ebay , facebook, and craigslist are just as likely to have been obtained that way, as are the items on the WTS section. That’s a bit of a strict policy if you ask me

good to know though, thanks