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Mass effect Andromeda


  • I will play ME:A no matter what; I'm a ME fan
  • I will play ME:A only if graphics are on par (this includes animations)
  • I will play ME:A only if gameplay returns to ME1 style
  • I will play ME:A only if the story is excellent
  • I will play ME:A only if exploration is excellent
  • I will play ME:A only if it goes on sale; Not a fan
  • I will never play ME:A (if you chose this, post why please) :)


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i cant scan things
because im stuck in some permanent sprinting mode


I will play it when / if it comes to linux


Something is causing FPS randomly jam to half so I bet there is again some user.cfg setting what magically conjures more frames.

user.cfg atm
WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0


Okay folks, I need to know before I pick this up if it's worth it or not. Yall start reviewing this game for me.

Concerns: Story lacking? Animations ruins immersion? Combat worth a damned? Is the "RPG" element existent?


To be quite honest from the livestreams I've seen from Jester814 and Ashe | Lady Insanity on Youtube, the game is still well worth buying, once you get further into the game the scope and depth of the story and gameplay really starts to develop and animation wise it really starts to look far better. I'm getting major ME1 and ME2 vibes from it and for a new team that wasn't involved with the previous ME game it really is quite amazing actually. The animations honestly will almost certainly be fixed, since they require quite small fixes actually. Atleast that's what I've heard from a game dev buddy of mine.


I was a huge fan of the trilogy, but this sandbox/crafting phase AAA games have been implementing of late feels a bit cheap.. It's as if gaming companies are heavily leaning on market studies and are fixated on ticking checkboxes, rather than focusing on quality game content.
Personally I'm ignoring this title altogether, at least until I clear my backlog.. Might reach the bargain-bin section by the time I'm ready to play it :-P


Playing the full game now. Very much worth it. Since im not on the demo anymore, I'm not noticing any of the graphical glitching that I was before, and mouths seem more normal.


HBAO Full to HBAO = 6fps, which is pretty normal I guess.
Shader Quality High to Low = 13fps?

This border darkening is worth 13fps, and no those distant white dots & blue pipe reflections vary and are not from this setting.

Otherwise settings dont seem to really have any major impact, TAA is must, FXAA doesn't do anything.


Not quite. I just had a conversation with an engineer on EOS. The talk was normal, but his gestures and moves were simply a symptoms of a heavy drug use :D


Well I'm level 20 with 31 hours In


Being a big ME fan, I was quite excited about this game. I haven't been keeping up with the news too much since I don't plan on purchasing it right now due to lack of time. Has there been any official word from BioWare on any updates/fixes with regards to the animations? From what I've seen, if there's not some significant changes, I probably won't buy this one. The stone-faced, wide/dead-eyed models are a real immersion killer for me. For this new 'flagship' release, I would've expected BioWare to be able to compete with their peers in the industry in this regard.


This. I know a couple people who worked at Ubisoft MTL and/or EA MTL (but not the Bioware MTL studio specifically). The working conditions there are horrendous, and the main reason why people try to get hired by startups and more "indie" studios whenever possible.

The mindset in the studios is that this stuff is made for export, not local consumption. The people making the Assassin's Creeds and such are generally so burned out by their work that many don't even play those games for fun. There is apparently more excitement towards a game like Kôna than most of the AAA productions in the city.


They did say that they will continue to support the game (implying fixes on the animation and dialog fronts). But they have been very abstract about it so none really know to what extend they will actually tackle the issues. These two are very difficult to fix extensively. I would expect only minor fixes but we will see.


Go look what was the DA:I update plan, it ended to GOTY release and like 11 patches in xx months. Should give some idea when EA's care cup is empty.

There is something going on with audio aside from cutscenes like Deneuvo shuffling code, please hold "no audio". Less frequent with newest AMD driver though.


Anyone else having random flickering and "red dot grid" crashes? I tried every graphical setting there is, still wants to prevent from me having fun.

Specs are:

  • i5 3570 @ Stock
  • 8 GB RAM @ 1600MHz DDR3
  • SSD 250GB Samsung EVO3

I monitored resource usage and it never goes above 5GB of ram, it does reach about 80% utilization on all four cores, gpu averages to about 1200MHz (max 1500MHz Stock) and spikes. Also note that this is game is optimised for nvidia cards...go figure.

Perhaps day one issue?

UPDATE: (Link and pic)
EA Bug Report Forum:


Just bought this game for %21 off at GamingDragons, I expect it to be a good laugh with the issues some people get. Machinima did a nice video showing off those problems if you try hard enough :)

Normally I wouldn't buy a game this early on (still haven't got Deus Ex) but I am a Mass Effect fan and can't resist, also I predownloaded it :)

I feel dirty, but I needed a SCI-FI game injection!


$60 AUD here, in case your wondering.


A little too savage. I was going to buy this game today but I don't think I'll bother having a 2560x1440 monitor and a R9 290X. The game seems to have been really gimped on AMD cards.