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Mass effect Andromeda


It's the kind of game I'd like to pick up this summer, but the above together with a bad case of Consolitis drops my interest like a stone. If they were to come up with a PC centric patch then sure, but they know they'll sell well anyway so why go the extra mile...


Finnish release was 32mins ago.


And there's already DLC. good ol' EA.


Glad to hear.

There was some controversy over the system requirements posted on the origin page. Articles popped up claiming that the "recommended specs" would get you [email protected] Any insight into that?

I've got a 6700k and a Fury. I'm aiming for 1440p high, did I hit the mark?


Yeah the Game is pretty savage on system requirements:
Hardware Unboxed Outdid himself with this video:



EDIT, summary of what I picked up from the video above.

Not really sure what the exact AA (video said "Temporal AA/HBAO", not sure what that's supposed to mean) setting he was using were, but IMO, at 1440p/2160p, you don't need it.

Anything lower than an RX 480 is going to have a hard time pushing ultra [email protected] If you want to play 4k, you're going to need SLI 1080's to get enough performance. The 1080ti was pushing 43 avg with a min of 37 at 4k ultra.

Something interesting to note is that this could be considered undeniable proof that the soon-to-be-released consoles are not going to be able to push AAA titles at 4k.

I'm a bit awestruck by the system requirements of ME:A, but I haven't yet played it, so I'll update tomorrow to say if the requirements are worth it.


Sure they will, but certainly not on ultra settings.


Maybe on low...


I don't know I have a 6800 and a 1080 and I seem to be Beyond ultra settings averaging 85 FPS
1080p all max, above ultra setting in custom
Up too 120fps only EVER seen a sinhle dip to 58fps


at what resolution?

It's entirely possible that the recent patch improved performance.


Not sure why TAA is using tesselation, but with it capped to 8x, the TAA looks like shit. If left uncapped it seems to look a lot better.


Yeah I was reading about that last night. Big mistake on EAs part. The lead designer for facial animations seems like she had no experience doing animations in a game before this. If that turns out to be true . . . . the mobs of angry gamers will eat her and EA at the stake.




Interesting Mass Effect Andromeda Livestream happening now. It actually looks really cool.


I'm gonna not watch it right yet. Trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible.


the multiplayer is fun as fuck


It's a shame that this game looks kinda shitty compared to the previous trilogy, which I enjoyed a lot. But man I wish people on the internet would stop attacking individual developers and aim their criticisms at EA or, even better, just stop pre-ordering and ideally stop buying this shit if it's not up to scratch.

All attacking the developers does is make them feel really shitty, at a company that clearly isn't giving them the best work environment or resources/time, and also gives the rest of us a poor reputation as if it isn't already really bad.


I agree with that it's no one person's fault it's not even one single team's fault


Not all characters are affected I hear, only a handful which are truly bad, and it isn't hard to do hand tweaks to the facial/character animations after production, some of the voice issues can also be fixed without re-recording, such as adjusting sentence timing and tone.

It is not a hard thing to call in the voice actors again to redo a few lines on the worst characters. In saying all that, this is EA, they are a turd.

I don't buy Origin products anymore after what they did to me with DA3 and their whole buy the game again to get DLC bundle nonsense (FU EA)

PS. It even seems that some characters have completely missing animations! oops?


Some of these have happened.

Otherwise nothing particular.