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Mass effect Andromeda


I haven't yet been surprised by any negative info although damn they have tight gag when it comes to DLC anything, feels like Google is this yell speaking tiny girl.

Example, I ask from @ArgGrr that how was your day? and I get as answer: THERE WILL BE NO SEASON PASS AND I TELL YOU ITS GOING TO BE GREAT.

This makes it super impossible to actually find anything outside MUST WATCH! hype.


The game has transformed so much since ME1 do you really think it would be worth playing? ME 3 was enough for me to wash my hands. If you don't mind me asking, what about the game has you wanting to play it?


Story and lore.
General scifi setting
Gives me something to play with my other few friends
Something to hopefully distract me a bit in the last week before my home is sold


Guess this is what happens when the original team for the franchise left after ME3, you have a new and inexperienced crew along with a racist SJW game director.

Exactly what are the redeeming factors of the game? Only thing I heard is that multi-player is good.

@Giulianno_D what do you mean by patching the animation? Are they going to just fix glitches with animations or completely overhaul the animation suite because one takes way longer than the other.


I highly doubt it


Yeah because that takes a fucking long time to do. This isn't a case of unexpected glitches the team missed. This is clearly the work of incompetent animators that Bioware/EA hired. They thought this is of acceptable quality to release to the public and people bitched about the animation when the game was announced.

If they wanted to fix the animation, they would not have released the game in the first place.


I have Origin's EA access. So I've played the demo for a few hours. I can tell you that the animations are not as bad as people have made them out to be. a lot of those have been edited, and asside from the mouths being a little too active, nothing has really stood out.

The demo has a butch of graphical glitching. The omnitools are glitchy, and the layering of some effects are off. So I would expect them to be fixed when the time comes. It definitely appears that the demo that was released was an earlier version of the game, for sure.


for some reason ive got a glitch where my guy refuses NOT to run and it pisses me off in multiplayer


100%. I remember getting into an argument with someone about bioware games. They said bioware is fully autonomous from EA and given the freedom they need to make a game. I find that laughable now.

I firmly believe EA is more the culprit as a producer than Bioware on this one.


That's why the cancelled the animation fix in the Day 1 patch, because it wouldn't be realistically feasible in that amount of time.


Or instead of singling out animators & artists, we could examine industry-wide policies that keep leading to EA & UbiSoft's games repeatedly coming out awful looking & broken.




I like all stuff sci-fi.
This game seems to have an emphasis on exploration. The science in the mass effect universe is pretty good and very rich. I am hoping it has some great characters like legion.

I can deal with the characters looking like space thunderbirds and the fact the new protagonists are probably boneheaded space wizards.



Hmm. Never saw exploration as a selling point in any of the ME games. Maybe this one is a bit different.


Game suffers from robot face and dumb/disconnected dialogue atm, I really don't want to ruin the experience until they fix those things, then I will look at buying it.


Animations and dialog are pretty much the things that will definitely not be fixed. You need a crazy amount of time and effort to re-dub the dialog and to renew animations you have to almost re-design the game. No company no matter how many piles of money they have would do this.


Can we not talk about things in the game until the game is actually out. which is tomorrow in the USA and 23rd in europe



Andromeda isn't developed by the original Bioware team. It's a newer studio formed to help out the original Bioware team but the majority of the original team (incl. its founders) have left already.