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Mass effect Andromeda


That's fair.


It's Frostbite, so likely same as Battlefield 1.


Depending on the version of Frostbyte Bioware is using. As far as I know, BF1 has DX12 supports, while ME:A runs on DX11 only. DA:I uses Frostbyte as well and runs on DX11 and Mantle.



Welp. That's a thing.


Aside from the animation, I heard the game crouches for you when you approach an obstacle for cover. Grenades also track to enemies so you never miss. Not sure how I feel about that.


I won't be purchasing this game primarily due to this reason (facial/other animations). I found myself getting deeply immersed within the ME franchise after picking up Mass Effect around a week after it launched (never heard of it before then.) The poor facial animations back then weren't uncommon and acceptable and didn't break immersion in the game; but watching the videos I've seen so far about the animations in Andromeda... I just can't see myself getting pulled into that game.


The cover system is pretty much identical to Ghost Recon Future Soldier, including the buggyness, as it's not fully consistent throughout.

EDIT: meaning there's quite a few times were you end up dying because your character doesn't go into cover when he should or, goes into cover when he shouldn't. There is no optional key to just crouch or enter/exit cover from what I have seen. Jester814 scrolled through all the keybinds on his channel and it looks a bit like consolitis in the keybinds.


Mass Effect 2 legit has better facial animations than Andromeda in many ways. The biggest issue with Andromeda is not really the facial animations, they're quite OK. But the Eyes are extremely 'dead', like there is no glint from them, they don't refract light right and don't twitch/move around at all really, or go way overboard with the movement. If anything, the eyes need to fixed to get it most of the way out of the uncanny valley.

EDIT: The eyes also are just WAY TOO HUGE. Like Anime Eye almost. If you check the nose to eye ratio the eyes are just too big.





You're 100% right, I'm just following the buzz word of the day really. The NPCs just look lifeless. Well really from what I can tell it's just the human NPCs, the aliens seems okay. Either way, it'll severely break immersion.


that's what I've noticed too. I played ME1 and 2 but couldn't bring myself to get Origin to play ME3. If you ask a guy who never played it but saw others play from time to time the new ME and ME 3 look like the same game with even more handholding.


The new animations in a nutshell

lol I couldn't help myself.


Mantle never ran well from my experience in BF4. As well as from what I've read if DAI. Every intervals there would be a terrible dip in the fps even though it may give you better performance you couldn't get rid of the constant skipping from the fps dip.


heres the summary so far:


but more seriously:
GG ME team. Im not buying this game.


It's almost as if Bioware hired random Source Film animators, like those for Team Fortress 2 skits, to animate for Andromeda.


Time till everybody suddenly is from Seoul or Singapore.


I was moderately excited for this game, but it looks like it has been developed by a new team and is missing the production values of the previous trilogy. The (facial) animations almost look hand animated, like they were in the 90s.

I will probably still get it when I have nothing else to play, it is on special and they patch it a bit. Thats because they seemed to put an emphasis on exploration. Or is it sexploration? Probably going to be like the GTA hot coffee scenes though.


Well they did say they were gonna patch the animation, it might be best to get it on sale, summer is sale would probably knock down 15-25% off of it.