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Mass effect Andromeda


shooing off the pre order items and stuff


Worried? It is almost certain they will screw it up. Just look at how they fucked up the last space opera with so much potential they touched.


the ea access demo is LIVE


If anyone has watched the walkthroughs that are popping up on youtube the acting from Ryder (your ryder character) is atrocious with both the voice acting and visual animations at critical story points. Very unimpressed with certain aspects of the story already.


On attempting to exit the game my computer went to a black screen and I wasn't able to alt tab or ctrl-alt-delete

Even in the first instance of combat you feel like tissue paper




Okay one cliche fucking things straight off the bat your helmet breaks you cannot breathe the air on the planet your father passes you his helmet why the fuck can't you just take a couple breaths and give him his helmet back and forth and hold your damn breath back and forth for the two minutes until the extraction arrives


Googling "EA Graveyard" shows Forum | EA Answers HQ as fourth result, usually Google insists predicting wrong but this time I'm proud, good job. :D

There is no in-game setting for motion blur but ProfOpts_profile has GstRender.MotionBlurEnabled option.

Also, all Frostbite things work so creating user.cfg to .exe folder allows permanently forcing motion blurs, depth of fields, CPU things and so on.

With DA:I I found WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 1 giving 5fps~, and early on I got major fps bump by forcing WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 1 although it was already on, super weird. I did even compare screenshots several times to be sure.


Really selling it.

Can we expect a day one patch? Haha.


It only happened once
To be fair, skyrim sp edition does it too every now and then


Yeah I have that. That's a Bethesda game though. You almost expect it.






Yeah but I can't blame just her for ME: Andromeda getting released in this state. Thats where QA is to blame. Also let's not assume that because she's Lead Facial Animator, that she was to blame for it, there's tons of other people working in Junior positions that must have been involved with the faces. So we have no idea what was going on at BioWare for the faces to get released in this state.

All we can say is that she's clearly not a veteran animator, her resume speaks for itself. For all we know if she worked in a junior role could have done great work. But as such BioWare is going to have some explaining and fixing to do.


Oh I completely agree it's the entire team's fault for letting this slip through the cracks


Is there a Mantle option like in DA:I or is it DX11 only?


I find it funny that the facial expressions are such a big deal to everyone for no other reason than "well it's a AAA game" meanwhile a lot of those same people would be willing to forget the same issues in an indie game just because "well it's an indie game" IMO if the gameplay is decent and it runs well I'm willing to forgive the faces.


Well, to be honest in a game that relies heavily on it's story, which the predecessors did, facial expressions are important for players in order to become emotionally engaged. Furthermore, I think when a starts having graphics as good as ME:A, the facial animatinons need to be far better, when compared to a game that has worse graphics in general. It's more or less the uncanny valley principle.