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Mass effect Andromeda


At the beginning, is that the same voice actor who voiced Cait in Fallout 4?


dont know,
is tehre a cast and credits for Andromeda yet?



And yep, Katy Townsend is the one who voiced Cait, and she is the one who voiced Suvi.

EDIT: idk if it's official one though.


Leaves me wondering if i'll be able to push 60 at 1440 ultrawide with a 1080ti.... this game is going to be brutal on hardware.


That seems way too much. I mean seriously, a RX480 for 30fps?
Imho Witcher 3 looks better as far as I've seen and I think it runs at about 50-60fps on a RX480. It's also a pity that ME:A will use DX11 instead of DX12.

Edit: I think in the end it will come down to one of the following options:

  1. ME:A is poorly optimised, simple as that. Although since they are using Frostbyte I doubt it.
  2. "@30fps" translates to "runs smoothly"; i.e. they posted the minium requirements to run the game fluently with high settings.


good ear


compare to their last game maybe ?
wat was tht dragonage?

ill in all likelyhood be at 1080p
dont think in any reasonable and non choppy way ill get 4k60 out of a single 1080


I wish they did not go 30fps DA:I cutscene style because honestly I still haven't seen those cutscenes apart from the still dialogues. Its super weird, like frames are tying and tying to audio lines and I'm seeing random picture stacks.

If its Frostbite then I can reflect DA:I again and say that its like third of whatever Witcher 3 gives you.
Fury Tri-X & [email protected] can't play 1440p without Mantle. :D


but muh "cinematic" expurence
the human eye cant see more than 20 fps anyways anymore is a waste


Digged this from EA Graveyard, tried to dig more but I found bug from 2014.


I played DA:I with Mantle enabled and it did more or less fine, I think I had about 50fps on average, in W3 I have about 60fps on ultra (w/o Hairworks). Oh and btw, my PC is not that beefy, only a 390 and a 2500k @4.3GHz.


After DAI I will not bother with this game until at least two weeks after the game comes out. If sources I trust say it works well on PC I might be tempted. More importantly they're going to have to have some twist in the storyline that makes the entire premise make at least some sense whatsoever. If they can't pull both of those off . . . well that's what' next year's steam summer sale will be for.



Need to correct this one, seems like there has been Dragon Age Keep updates like within last year, because there are many new choices and then rewards section lists most but not all promotional content. For example I know I have Avvar Mixed Draft but its not being listed there, so basically I'd have to play 50 hours~ till Skyhold to see what do I have.

I expect same confusion from Andromeda, like during launch you will not have Logitech keyboard weapon and after GOTY you will wonder if you have Logitech weapon. :D




they are Live now



Except as it turns out the characters look like blurry untextured smooth shiny blurred faces characters. Currently the character presets look downright horrifically incomplete.

Blurry smooth faced weirdness all around:


I suspect it will look better in-game as that creator is set to neutral poker face with like storage hall lights, but still I did expect that as its Bioware style. For me it will limit to have kinda same looking characters, then yours will look totally different but I suspect it being near impossible also for you to stray from that general look?

I'm looking forward who's my character going to be like its already set and out of my control. :D