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Mass effect Andromeda


pulled a few caps off of the sneek peek


Looks impressive...And i would love an exploration of unknown exotic space in a Star Trek feel in a mass effect game.

That would be amazing...That is why i worried that EA executives will screw it up.....


I'm curious about where they take the story with Andromeda. The trilogy was a great venture in imagining the Reapers and how species would react when faced with such an unknown and an unknown threat ( do ants cry out when being stomped on? ).One point of the original trilogy was that non-human species still had a way too humanoid culture & environment feel to them (Reapers as an exception. Hopefully with Andromeda we will see environments of other species that truly boggle the mind. At least that's what I hope.

But what I'm actually expecting is a game that will probably have great graphics, a short story with multiple DLCs, microtransactions ( special ammo, ship or Mako tech, armor and vehicle skins ) with a slapped together multiplayer component. My hope of triple-A titles being great experiences from day 1 and include the whole experience for that title from the get go died. CD Projekt Red the only developers still keeping the dream alive.


I have been a huge fan of the Mass Effect Series, if this one preserves half of the story telling, character quality and gameplay, I'm sold.


I'm extremely concerned for this game. Why?: Dragon Age Inquisition. While the story for the game was pretty solid, the side quest were nothing more than MMO like side quest. The game also was buggy on the pc for a good amount of time. Not to mention no official mod support compared to the 1st 2 that did have mod tools and support. I love the Mass Effect games but this one I'm going to wait for review before I even consider buying/playing it.


I agree. It was such a let down how much of the game felt like an MMO. I had my fill of WoW and the like already.

A star trek feel to Mass Effect would be great. Skeptical about whether it can be pulled off though.


I doubt EA is willing to let Bioware the time to develop a story worth telling. They've been a dam holding back the creativity of Bioware devs. I don't know if Bioware personnelle have adopted the same retarded mindset as EA or been replaced by people who do but I'm really skeptical at this point. Wish there was mod support. There probably won't be but it would be nice.


I thought this game/franchise was Mass Effectively over with after the shit storm that went down over the last game coming out with the ending fans didn't want and then they went back and made an alternative one for them or something. LOL!


Looks generic as sci-fi gets, I'll have to see more of it.


I fear ME:A will be very similar to DA:I and therefore very boring...


Figured to use existing topic before release.

If you go try redeem through Origin one of the Logitech weapon codes Joker shared "5ZEG-PQGS-4NSG-TZCJ" which is great and all that shit, you see that the game has exclusive DLC's which is huge letdown because even today I cannot legally get all DA:I content and Jack Sparrow Edition has much better options for gamer.

Makes me at least really question if its worth the risk to buy game and crack exclusive content and potentially lose whole account? or buy and just get whole game elsewhere? or just become pirate? OR just be fine with the incomplete experience?

Thats about it, thoughts?


aww taht was a one time use code
no point posting it here


Find me moar codes.


wat he said.




v the game's recommended PC system requirements, the developers recommend a GTX 1060 or an RX 480 and 16GB of system memory for a predicted framerate of 30FPS at 1080p high settings.




The game looks pretty solid so far, but EA will have to do a lot to even make me consider buying their games again. I've totally avoided purchasing Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 just because I dislike EA's business practices regarding pre-orders & DLC, and Mass Effect: Andromeda is no exception.


well they just confirmed "Andromeda points" purchasable for multiplayer mode