Mass effect 3 crashing :(

i just bought me3 on amazon for 6 bucks and when i launch it it chrashes ive tried a couple of things i found on youtube/forums and nothing has worked can someone please help me?

First off, post your system specs, and the error if you see any.

Did you install the game from disc?

Did you crack it? Patch it?


Most likely some file is corrupt, however on version 1.0 there were some bugs and glitches and crashes, so patch your game to the latest version, i believe you have allready done so, and im simply staiting the obivious here.


Still no luck?

Go and register it on your Origin Account *it kinda sucks to use it, but if you want it legally then thats the way to go. After that, download it from there. Now if the errors / crashes continue, it something other than the game.

In that case, upgrade your Chipset, GPU, Sound Drivers.


Also post any relevant information, like how it crashes, do you get BSOD? Does the screen simply go black, or the application closes straigt off? Does it happen in a specific part of the game etc, you get the idea i hope.

all my drivers are up to date and system specs are on my profile the game has been updated and repaired through origin, and every thing was downloaded from origin cd key from amazon

and the game chrashes as soon as it launches no error code


Most likely the exe file is corrupt, broken or has some issues. The *repair function usually wont really help, because mostly it compares the file sizes with the ones on the database and if no difference is found, it thinks that the file is ok. 

I suppose you tried different resolutions on video settings without much help.


Well try the following, delete your exe and dll files in game folder, do a repair, it should download the missing files from server, perhaps it helps.

If not, you could try a c*rack, i had some difficulty with Dirt 2, similar problem, and it helped. Just make sure you have a backup.

Last but not least, you havent installed it in some strange folder like

C:/Extremelylongfoldername/Evenlongerfoldername/Andadamnlongsubfoldername/Games/Mass Effect 3/