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Mass Effect 2; Activating Legion


So i’ve just completed the Reaper IFF mission. Everyone is Loyal. As soon as I go to access the Galaxy Map the crew gets kidnapped. I thought you get 2-3 missions before this happens? And I thought you have to go through the Omega 4 Relay IMMEDIATELY after the crew is kidnapped in order to save everyone?

The problem is, Legion can’t be activated until after everyone is gone. It won’t let me. Which means I will have to do his mission AFTER everyone is gone.

Is this a bug?


I wish I could remember the specifics of ME2. What you’re describing sounds vaguely familiar from one of my previous playthroughs.

I’m currently playing through the ME trilogy again. I’m about 2/3 of the way through ME1. And my pace is very slow, so I probably won’t get to the point where you are for some time.

I’ve found that the Mass Effect wiki can be helpful, if only to make sure you are progressing through the story in the optimal order.


I think (!) you can complete about two missions and still save everyone, but I’m not sure…

(Completely unrelated to your question: Be sure to check out them 4k textures :wink: )