Mass effect 1 does not start HELP!

So I downloaded mass effect from gamefly as a digital download. Once i installed it and everything a menu comes up that looks something like this [IMG][/IMG]
I click on play and it takes me to me desktop and nothing happends.... What do I do? I already have the latest patch for ME1 so im a bit confused here. Any help would be awesome.

PC specs

amd 8350

dual GTX 660 TI

Asus crosshair v formula z

8gb kingston beast ram


I had a similar problem. I ended up restarting my computer and then running the game from the desktop as admin, and it worked. Maybe its worth a try?

What do you mean run the game from teh desktop as admin? How do i do that?

i suspect drm, try changing the uac virtualization if you're on 8

im using windows 7

hmmm run a dxdiag then, look for anything thats out of place

You find the game icon in your desktop, right click it, run as admin.


I don't know too much about SLI, but could it also be possible that you have it activated with ME and it doesn't like it?

Download and install the latest ME1 patch, here

Disregard running the game in compatibility mode or as an Administrator until you do this...

Dude read the thread...

"I already have the latest patch for ME1"

lol my bad