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Marvel Comics New Warriors

Erm… Not trying to be mean, but this is a joke right?


I honestly cant understand how anyone thought this was a good idea. Am I missing something, because honestly it sounds horrible.

Internet gas

They don’t even sound like heroes. Heroes (excluding the evil hero type, who even then have some reason for doing good) are almost always someone who came from some crippling background to end up being an archetype of a character you look up to and can inspire you despite their flaws.

magic backpack aint much of a background. exposed to ‘internet gas’ (im not joking) isnt much of a background. They all just sound like lazy sods, unless they manage to make something of it…

I just don’t even know why this exists.

b-negative was about the only character that had a typical but somewhat interest peaking potential background to me. except for the negative attitude, i cant help but feel that may get boring. And it doesn’t really give much to inspire, but perhaps his actions would show that light.

this probably says it all


does anyone actually have more of a positive opinion?

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It was confirmed NOT a joke the other day.

Comic books as a medium has always been to appeal to and absorb pop culture. But I think the modern comic book writers either don’t understand what pop culture is or have fully crossed into politicizing and shame-festing everything.

It almost feels like perhaps the creators are completely absorbed into that social justice type sub-culture and either believe this actually reflects reality or convinced marvel to make this thinking to would change culture…?

It’s entirely confusing. Don’t get me wrong, comics allow for all sorts of creativity, and you can make almost any world and any comic. But usually people do that by making their own new world rather than injecting this into an existing franchise that clearly wouldn’t accept that kind of stuff. It doesn’t seem like it would actually reflect what new warriors might look like today (i guess unless your that type).

Watch me insert my foot into my mouth with this post.

I’m all for equality and whatnot, but I feel like trying to hit everything all at once is a bit much.

I haven’t been following comic book heroes for quite a while, but these characters seem like they’d stick out like a sore thumb to the current fanbase. I feel like if they eased into this new territory rather than dive head first it would bring their target market and current fan base together more smoothly.

EDIT: I’ve read a few web comics with characters like those in this series, and as what would apparently be called a cis white male the easiest ones for me to understand the characters of were not the ones that just went in full strength. Easing into it helped me understand things a lot better because, to be frank, this stuff was foreign to me. I think I could understand and empathize with these characters well enough, but that’s because of the above. I have a feeling many people wouldn’t because it could be a lot to take in all at once.

You could probably make that work in some way but im not sure how. snowflake and safespace don’t really work imo. both are essentially vulnerable and weak traits thats kind of just the being of what those words mean. You could maybe have some solid backstory of some snowflake safespace loving person pulled out of their safe-space and made to confront their fears[1] as they end up with these powers, that would be inspirational i think. but i wouldn’t call them safespace and snowflake that just seems dump…

Not quite as dumb as internet gas (nanites? who the hell knows).

edit: 1. but that seems to counter what the author of these characters seems to hold. kind of sounds like they are called that because he wants them to not be seen as weak, so you wouldnt be able to have that kind of story without saying yes, those terms are weak. it would invalidate a lot of those ideas.

I can’t wait until they reveal the villain InCell or when Trailblazer dies young of heart disease.




The problem with living in SF for 40 years is that you lose sight of what’s in tune with the mainstream culture of the west.

Main villain is gonna be a white construction worker who just wants to make an honest living, but big gubmint gets in the way.


Also look at the first comment. xD

… called Toxic Masculman!


Not gonna lie, i laughed.

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Okay, I’m always 1 week behind. I’ve been seeing the internet gas memes, but now that I see this video, I’m fucking done.

That’s it, fire up the internet gas chamber, I’m logging out boys.

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This was suggested after the video.

Even lefties are upset about it.

Here’s another one:



Fuckin trailblazer doesn’t look like she’s seen a trail in her life.

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Found the best comment on the original by far:

Snowflake’s weakness: Logic
SafeSpace’s weakness: Facts
Screentime’s weakness: Reality
B Negative’s weakness: Socializing
Trailblazer’s weakness: Cardio and Cake

Who greenlights stuff like this? … How does crazy get into that position?
Just stunning.


When all you do is hire yes men and create an ideological echo chamber, you get shit like this.

It’s a big issue in the US.

I was floored when I went to the UK and since I’m fairly conservative by US standards, I was very conservative by UK standards, and chatting social policy with coworkers, we could all disagree with no raised tempers or ill will.

it’s not usually like that in the US.

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Thats what gets me. This is a business.

that said, maybe they’ve become like netflix and just greenlight everything that falls on their desk?

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Aren’t they under Disney now?

oh yeah… is the comic side though?

I was under the impression that the whole of Marvel was bought up.

EDIT: just checked, yeah, they own the entire thing.

On one hand, sure. Anything called Marvel’s whatever is gonna make money right now. But … that’s not the audience. And Disney should have learned by now.

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They do. Marvel worldwide is the comic side. Owned by Disney.

But what one arm does the other doesn’t always know about in such huge companies

@Eden I thought for a long time it was a joke. An early April Fool’s prank, maybe? I mean, “Safespace” has force field/protection abilities FFS.

But alas, here we are.

I think conflating SJW culture with pop culture is part of the issue, as mentioned above. I think letting people that lack imagination and creativity handle projects is another issue.

@sgtawesomesauce Lol I already went through this bit with a friend. The first major enemy is going to be a Neocon voter and they’re going to call him a Nazi. Before the incapacitating strike Snowflake/Safespace/Bertha will say “This one’s for Bernie Sanders you Nazi!”