Marshall have made a phone?

I'd like to see Tek Syndicate do a review on this. Is this snake oil or would this be a great phone to plug some nice headphones into & listen to some sweet sweet metal?

I've got an HTC One M8 & I'm glad to see Marshall have cottoned on to the idea of front facing speakers. Without doing too much more research, I'm guessing they have a semi-decent built-in pre-amp (that was a lot of hyphens) & maybe gold plated jacks more more insertions. It's an interesting entry to the market anyway & I'm curious to see how well it will do.

This is freaking awesome. Working in audio I'm aware of their awesome amps but they also have some nice bluetooth speakers. This is pretty interesting, I'd like to see how it'll sell in the long run.

When I think of the brand-name Marshall, I have to associate the name with these jolly English rockers: Status Quo :)