Marketing like Coke brings up sales

Have you noticed the most recent Coke campaign? They made individualized bottles and cans of Coke with specific names on them. The idea has brought up Coke sales significantly and has led to much more brand recognition among the Millennial generation. So maybe you need to follow in the company’s footsteps. Marketing like Coke might be the best idea you’ve had all day.

All about the Coke campaign


Coke needed a new way to reach out to consumers, especially as they become more health conscious and slow down on drinking soda. The Millennial generation, especially, has been hard for all soda manufacturers to reach. So it created the personalized soda cans and bottles. The reason why Coke was so successful in its marketing campaign is because people like personalization and feeling like an individual.


The campaign started in Australia and shot up sales by 7 percent, according to Entrepreneur. After that, it was then spread worldwide leading to an overall 2.5 percent increase in sales. People not only liked the campaign because of individualization but because it also made gift-giving of the product a lot more individualized. Though other soda-makers are lagging behind in sales, Coke has managed to come ahead.


How you can follow Coke


You may be wondering how marketing like Coke can work for you. Well, as a pay per call blogger, your best chance of getting more readers to your site is through personalization. Being willing to communicate with them rather than talking at them all the time is one of the best ways to do it. Make sure you always acknowledge comments being made. They want to feel like you are reading their comments and that you are their friend, so be that person and you should be able to reach out to them better. This is even easier if you also spend time incorporating social media into your website and vice versa. It will help make communication easier and help you develop relationships and trust.

Another great idea is to highlight your readers in the writing you are doing. To market like Coke, you need to make people feel special, which can be easily done through these highlights. You could pick one person a week and find out more about them for a spot on the site or just allow readers to email in their comments related to the article and highlight them in another thing you write. It is about getting them involved and making them feel special.

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