Markdown notes/wiki program with specific requirements

I am looking for something to use for my personal wiki/notes platform.


  1. Markdown format editing
  2. Live preview of the rendered markdown that scrolls in time with the raw markdown
  3. Spell checking
  4. FOSS
  5. Either web-based or has synchronization and is available on Windows, GNU/Linux, and Android/Linux, although multiple clients and a sync service would ok but not ideal.

I wouldn’t think these would be too hard to meet, but I have not found anything that works well.

Joplin- No spell checking
Bookstacks- No spell checking in markdown mode
Wiki.js- No spell checking of the raw markdown.
Notepad++ - No linux or android support, markdown live preview does not stay in sync, requires external sync service.
VSCodium- No android version, requires external sync service, markdown preview was not staying in sync consistently.
Atom- No android version, requires external sync service, markdown live preview does scroll with raw.
MediaWiki- No markdown support (plugin dead)
DocuWiki- No live preview with markdown plugin
Remarkable- No windows version (yet), requires external sync service.

Does anyone have recommendations for other options? Or am I missing something about one of the options I looked at?


AFAIK this remains a gap in the FOSS catalog. I think ideally it is a nextcloud app because that takes care of the web-based/synchronizing part, but I don’t know of a project that meets your requirements.

I would also use it if it existed.


I mean, some of these are SOO close, all they need is spell checking.

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Yeah I think Joplin is probably the closest. Tbh, it’s almost like you want a stripped down version of discourse that just keeps notes instead of multiuser forum.

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Actually, you know… That’s not a bad idea.

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That would be a pretty great fork imo.

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The root cause of problem with bookstack, wiki.js, and possibly other platforms is that they use Code Mirror, which does not have spell checking support.

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Markdown is text. Sync with Git and gain version control, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


That does look promising.


It’s the note taking app of true intellectuals.

No synchronization of the live preview to the raw markdown, feature requests for it closed as won’tfix: one and two. Also, the maintainer is not accepting pull requests for anything but translations, and seems well, really burnt out is about the kindest way I could put it.

Thats what Im doing too. VS code has good markdown support with live preview. Im sure you can install a spell checker of some kind.

I did not bother because who cares. My notes you dont have to be able to read them I have to be able to read them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also all my spell checkers are always super confused what language Im supposed to write. Some things are german, some things are english. Depends on the topic…


What extension are you using? It was refusing to work well for me.

None, just right click preview and splitscreen. All works without extensions.

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Huh, that actually works way better than the extension I had installed did. When I looked at previously, I didn’t find native preview support, so I either missed it or it was added in.

To add to the list of possibilities

It does not tick all the requirements.

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Thanks for the recommendation, but I’m only interested in markdown based formatting.

The big reason is that my website, this forum, and a number of other places use markdown. So then I can draft somewhere else, and pretty much copy and paste.

*Every site that is not Turdpress or Jira


Which is why jira is objectively shit.

If you can’t even have proper markdown support in the Year of our Lord 2020, I can’t consider you a valid option.


If you don’t need it to be stored as Markdown… In the preferences of zim-wiki there is a setting called ‘default formatting for copying text to the clipboard’ with the option Markdown (pandoc). Or export.

Not trying to push or convert. Zim-wiki is on my list as a possible tool and I had a look in the application help file because of curiosity.