Marijuana Legalization

Hey, Logan!!! How do you feel about the wave of cannabis reform in the US? Oh, and do you hit the ganj yourself? 

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Logan, as your lawyer I suggest to not answer that last question!

Qain definitely a toker imo.

Vermont has pretty lax MM laws. I have a prescription for MM from my state.

Lol, hit the ganj.

Personally I think its fine, and should have pretty much the same laws as boose. ie, don't drive until its effects are out of your system. The media and government are making too big a deal out of it, its not like its lsd or crack.

In the first Inbox.exe he said hes cool with people doing it.

Although he doesn't partake in it himself. 

Just because states legalized Marijuana are we all going to smoke doobs now?

It's stupid.

I'm fine with it... doesn't mean people won't grow and sell their own illegally (without the regulation of the government).If you need to take drug's to be free then your screwed; freedom is all in your head, otherwise it doesn't exist.

dat green colored pencil tho...




Just from watching a lot of the tek, I'm gonna guess Logan's response, as presumptuous as that is.

"I don't smoke the ganj, I think it's stupid, I think people who use it are stupid, but I have no problem with them doing so".

Just what I think his response will be.





(and before anyone calls me a hippie, I love red meat, I am a fan of guns (though not both guns and ganj at the same time...that's just a terrible idea) and am in fact someone who disbelieves that humans are the primary cause of global climate change. (not that global climate change is real, but that we caused it. You can look it up, it's happened before, countless times before and since the emergence of humanity, and we are simply nearing the end of a "stable period".)

*Shots fired* :P

Whoa man, I'm like, picking up some negative vibes off you, and that's just not jiving, man. You know, why don't you just like, chill out a bit man? It would do your soul good. You should get in some sunlight and rejoice in the wonders of the world, man.


Peace! One love <3

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas FTW lol.

We're fighting for legalization down here in Mississippi now. I'm hoping it passes, it's been proven to help tremors and my tremor medication makes me sleepy.

If you need to do anything to be free than your screwed, using the stated logic.

Freedom is indeed in ones head, and therefore an individual existence. True freedom will never and does not exist, and is constrained by ones socioeconomic status first on a micro level then macro. This "freedom" is also then further constrained by the individuals ambitions/goals to go beyond their present status.

PPPBBBBTTTT ::eyeroll:: philosophy 


I wanna be a professional stoner. :) Remind me to stay away from my pc, tho. Just in case i get high and try to tweak my pc.