Marco keys, Don't understand them!

I don't really understand how marcos work, can I open Chrome for example with a marco? any help please!

P.s I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder X6.

You can assign key strokes to those macro keys.

Take the well known ctrl + alt + delete keyboard command.

Instead of pressing all three keys, you can perform that same command at the touch of a single macro key.

So you can assign gaming functions to these keys. For games like LOL, this might be a special ability/spell... I don't really know how that game works.

There will be a manual with the keyboard, explaining how to setup your own macros.

It is supposed to be a faster response to whatever you wish to do. Macro is a bit of a generic word in computing, but that's a description of macro commands on a keyboard.

Right, well macros are just quick keys, that can be configured to do different things.

First, you can remap the macro keys, so they can simulate another key, like "/" or a number "0",

Also depending on the software your device comes with, you can do more advanced keys, like media buttons, (volume up/volume down, open a calculator)

More advanced options, allow you to open software like chrome, or games, or steam, they take a bit time to set up, on different on every software, but the basic functions should be there, both Razer and Logitec have them displayed.

Now for the main reason, people get macro keyboards, is that you can record and execute specifc commands with them, like, press 3 different buttons, with 0,3 second delay to execute a combo move in some game. Good example, lets say you try to throw a fireball in street fighter, then you can map it to one key.


Hopefully somebody who uses the software what comes with your keyboard comes around, and helps you out, but you should get the basic understanding of it anyway.


Ah somebody allready beat me to it :)

exactly. for example, in minecraft, I have a macro mod installed. it lets me run an in-game command, such as kick.

say I wanted to kick a player, example. normally, I would have to press the chat button (t), then type "/kick example". and hit enter

however, I have a keybind set on the asterisk, and it is set to output "/kick $$u". the $$u is a function for the mod that brings up a list of online players. so, instead of figuring out what the actual name of the player is, I only need to press the asterisk key, and select the player I want to kick.


keybinds allow complex or repetitive strings of keypresses or commands to be simplified into a single keystroke

Most people don't realise how useful macros are untill you use them.

Windows has several macros built into it you might not know of.

<Windows> + d = brings you to your desktop

<Windows> (hold long) + tab (repeatedly) = allows you to view all open applications and sift through them. Shift-Tab while holding windows will go the oppisite direction.

<Windows> + L =  it will lock your user account so you can go afk

<Windows> + P = allow you to change your monitor setup on the fly.

<Windows> + X = brings up the windows mobility manager. This allows you to change things like you brightness, sound volume, wireless, and other things you'd have in your bottom right taskbar.

Also helpful: F5 will resfresh a broswer page. Either internet, or explorer

i dont know how marco keys work, but i do know how polo keys do....