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So, I decided I’ll go ahead and start a blog. Mostly it’ll be a brain dump of projects and ideas I’m working on. Maybe I’ll ask general questions here and there.

Some things may be tech related, some may be not so tech related. I bought a house at the beginning of the year, and it’s a real fixer upper, so I may do a bunch of posts of work I’m doing with that. I’m occasionally doing work/modifications to my car, so I might throw some of that in here. Music I’m listening to, tech problems I stumble across, stuff I buy, whatever.

So any and all are welcome to chime in, post opinions and ideas, ask questions, whatever.

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First thing is I have a build log of sorts going for a case modification project. It’s taken way, way too long, and I feel bad for the people who were/have been following it.

I’m pretty close to being done with it. I’ve thrown way too much money into it. I have more ideas for it, but I need to just get it to a good stopping point and move on. Maybe someday down the road I’ll revisit it.

I’ll hopefully be posting an update to that thread this weekend.

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I got a Nokia 6.1 a few months ago, and overall I really like it. However I’ve been having USB-C issues since day one.

More often than not, when I plug the phone in to the charger at night, it won’t start charging. Same for if I try to plug in to my laptop or desktop. Just does absolutely nothing.

Only way to fix it is power off then back on. Reboot acts the same as power off. Either way, I have to hold the power button for about 30 seconds for the phone to actually power on again.

After some not very in depth research I’ve found other people that have the issue with different phones, but with Android 9.

It has something to do with this setting:

When nothing is plugged in those two options under USB Controlled By are flashing like it’s constantly trying to switch between them or something. When I plug in I can’t switch from Connected Device, which is why I think it won’t charge.

Anyone have this issue?

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Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be setting up in my basement:





I got a smart watch / fitness tracker. The AmazFit Bip. Thanks to redgek and in this thread:

The stock wristband was ok, but pretty hard to put on. I wanted a better one. So I got a nylon / soft one. It fits nice, and is very comfortable.

I couldn’t find a watchface I liked. The ones included on the watch itself just didn’t do anything for me. Something was missing or in the wrong spot. There’s a website with thousands of community made watchfaces (here), but browsing through those can get tiring. I finally found one that came close to what I was looking for (here). So close.


So I went to this site:

It lets you upload a watchface you like, modify it, and see the modifications in real time. So, after changing and adding things in the editor, and manually editing some of the image assets in GIMP, I ended up with this:


Basically added simple weather, a lock icon, and changed the clock to 12hr.

I manage the watch using a FOSS app from F-Droid called GadgetBridge. Everything stays local (as far as I can tell), with no need to make any accounts and use someone’s cloud.

Overall I am very satisfied with the Bip. It’s simple, doesn’t do a whole lot but track steps and heart rate. I wish it could control music. But it’s cheap.