Maplestory Private Server [Even for you who never

Yeah, I asked my brother Logan if I could kind of post this here.. Anyone here who ever wanted to try MapleStory, its a kiddy game sort of, but it has its fun points, Me and my Coder specially coded PvP [player versus player] which not even the real maplestory has so its pretty unique...

[url=]Click Here[/URL] for the server website, if that link doesnt work I bought a domain long ago as an extra so

[url=]Click Here[/url] if the first link didnt work

Now if you have maplestory Global Version and updated, you need to downgrade to 0.55

Download available [url=]Here[/url]

Download that even if you never played MapleStory

Pretty much download [url=]This[/url] and install to C:/Nexon/Maplestory as the default, Once that is done NEVER open the shortcut on the desktop, it will patch it and thusly you cant play private servers..

Just delete the shortcut and never run Maplestory.exe in C:/Nexon/MapleStory

Once installing, to join the private server download [url=]this[/url].

Once that is downloaded, Extract it to C:/Nexon/MapleStory and open 'CBMultiClient' to run Maplestory. But dont run it just yet.

First, Register an Account




Just click the 'register' button and register an account. You will not recieve a confirmation E-Mail so sign up with any e-mail you wish

And the birthday is required to delete characters.

Once you register, you can open CBMultiClient inside C:/Nexon/MapleStory to run maplestory, Log in with your Registered account, Choose 'Scania' and double-click any channel, and Create a Character. I coded special NPCs that arent available anywhere else! At any rate, once In-Game you will be able to move around with the arrow keys, and you cant change that sorry.. But you can modify other keys, just type \ ingame to bring up a keyboard to customize.

My private server has Much higher rates than the official maplestory so you wont be spending countless hours grinding levels.. Much easier.

Any questions reply to this topic or contact my msn/email [email protected]

To contact me In-Game my character name is 'iAmError'

Hope you enjoy your time playing (If you decide to play)

I think I'm bad luck.. Nobody likes my topics

I bet its my music. I should stop listening to trauma.

Wow, dood. MS was only fun the first year after beta....



Crystal Ilbi was released...But its another pay real cash ploy..

Ever since nexon->Wizet, Maplestory Officially Sucked. Thusly, PRIVATE SERVERS. Wewt.

Come to the PrivateServerofMapleStory side...

We have Music and Free stuff.


Theres lots of new stuff in maple job class..

Its a good time killer..

i played when the beta started and a while after global started, so, yeah...i'm so done with it

Lol. XD

Im messing with people on it right now..I coded a command that mutes people and one that lets me control their chat and character..hehe.

This kids bugging me so I'm making him say obscene things. :D

Lmao. I quit it.

D: We all quit untill we tried private servers

Dude, I just quit CBMS like 3 days ago. Flat is freaking weird. Seriously.. Also Flat hates me for some reason. UMM. YEAH. I was Noodles. Lol.

Also, I had like 20 sets of Cilbis, and like after I came back from Japan, they were just regular ilbis. So I was ripped off about 200 mil ish. Yeah. I quit MS completely since then. Im only gonna stick to FPS games.

i played randomly at times, also tried some private servers, rediculas how much easier it is to lvl, much more worth your time. but still had enough of it

Exactly. After a while you just sit pressing the same buttons over and over again. (then again its the same for everything I guess =P) But MMOs like that take it to the extreme.

I guess I'mma sign up, since I'm hella bored.

lol, they have private servers for almost everysingle massive online game now.

Im on ur server! first time player.

fun game but AP schoolwork makes it hard to have time for that kind of fun