Manual large Back up, Software Suggestions?

I have seen some suggestions on here for back up software but most of that seems to be for a local system or one drive.

I have ~17TB of data on a network SMB share [Family photos, Videos, Music, Software depot, Etc…] I have been backing up manually for the last year to three 8TB external hard drives. [17TB is on a freenas box in a vDev 30TB+ usable equivalent of a raid 60]

I was hoping to
One, move to a system that was plug and play or at least plug it in and click start.
Two, can back up to multiple single had drives.
Three, Incremental backup or Differential backup to save time, but be able to do a full back up once or twice a year.
four, Not be intercepted or compressed.

Look into replication tasks on Freenas. Should cover everything you are wanting if I am understanding your post correctly.
If you are needing software to backup multiple devices to the share than not sure of top of my head without knowing devices needing backed up.
Are you using automated snapshots on the Freenas system?

I will look into the replication tasks.

No, I don’t back up the individual systems. I just have all of them set up with a network share and use the it as the main storage drive.

I have not touched snapshots, are they automatically setup? or do i need to? How much am about to be crucified for not having this running?

You should be up Backula on FreeNAS to do that.

You have to manually setup snapshots. Make sure to use recursive if you have multiple datasets in one pool.
This can handle your incremental and full backups automatically. Then if you build another Freenas system with replication than that would give you another backup on separate machine. Then if you wanted to add another safetey net dump some snapshots to the cloud to have just in case. There is also an automated task for this also I believe built in to Freenas.

I will set up snapshots, But I’m just running a server at home, and would rather not build another for back ups.

I looked into replication tasks, from what I read I don’t think it will do what I am looking for. I just want to copy the data to a external USB drive for a off line off site copy. which is 3x 8TB USB3.0 drives.

I was hoping to not have to copy all the data each time. and have a program check for updated files, or new files/deleted files. then split the data up between the three separate drives. and if i needed to recover the data I would want be able to plug those drives into a normal system Windows/Linux and write the data off to a new vDev.

Well for keeping stuff synced up somewhat easily to your external hard drives you should look into Syncthing, Borg Repository, Seafile??. Anyways hope that gets you going in the right direction.