Mantle API Question

so I've been hearing that Mantle will on 7000 series gpu's. So my question is would it work on the 7660D in my A10-5800k?

Im guessing cos alot of what was said at the conference referred to discrete GPU's (GCN) cards.

Yes it will work with your 7660D, it was also hinted that Nvidia cards "could" also use it.

Mantle is an API, basically a piece of software that sits between a game engine and the actual hardware (GPU/CPU) and tells the GPU/CPU what it wants it to do,when and how.

So will you get a boost from mantle....yes you will, how much?...honestly i dont think anyone knows for sure yet but what it will do is allow you to add a discrete GPU card later and run hybrid crossfire without the worry of making sure its compatible (this is how it sounded at the conference) as game developers can now get low level access to the hardware, obv this requires it to be coded in a certain way but thats the point of mantle, to allow developers to literally do what they want in fine detail rather than the current dx11 method of blagging stuff to work.

Apparently the 7660D uses VLIW4 not GCN...

as far as i can gather GCN is only 100% required for crossfire through PCI-e lanes, Mantle is only an API so doesnt need a specific core...i think.

Thanks for the info.

It does if the Mantle driver is made for GCN, which happens to be the case, at least initially.