Manjaro sound issues

I’ve been using Manjaro - which I’ve installed on my MBP for over a year now without that !any issues actually. (Most of them cam be discovered when searching this forum xd).

Anyway, what I like on my MBP is that it still has a DVD drive, which can be quite useful every now and then.

However, last week when I wamted to watch some short video I noticed the sound had gottem horribly distorted. At first I assumed the earplugs were defect (again), but since this problem persists on speakers it has the be related to the MBP. Now, I didn’t have this issue a few months (updates) ago, but I also can’t rule out that the MBP has gotten defect.

Furthermore, as a little info: I’m only using ASLA drivers, but I’ve tried installing Pukse as well.

Any ideas?

Load different LiveCDs at different versions to see if it’s a regression or indeed a hardware issue that is effecting all versions? Though I’m not sure how well sound is supported on the average LiveCD, tbh. Just a thought. If you have the free partition you could always dual boot over to a separate install to test it.

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Thanks, this is actually a quite good idea :slight_smile:
I’ll try that and update this thread accordingly.