Manjaro or Antergos?

Which one should I choose?

Depends, antergos is closer to base arch but with a GUI, while manjaro is more about being aesthetically pleasing and user friendly

It would be handy if you could keep your search for a distro in one central topic.
So that everybody can keep on track with it.
Because it doesnt really make sense to make a new topic about every distro question.


A lot of this depends of you… Better do the work and figure out what you want to do …

Something out there for you… ?

You are asking for someone else to define your needs… One of the great things is there is some choices… But you have to do the work on what it is you need. You ask the impossible when you … yourself do not know.

Aren’t they basically the same thing. Honestly, I used to run Antergos, went to arch, then settled on Ubuntu||debian. They all have gnome, same packages. But you will learn a lot quickly under Arch and its derivatives.

Like @thevillageidiot said, it’s ultimately up to you. I would try genuine arch if you haven’t tried it yet. pull up the docs and try to install and understand, my cheat sheet link general guide*

Manjaro is a littlebit more user friendly and easier to setup from the get go i would say.
But other then that, they are indeed fairly the same both based on the Arch eco system.

Also from my personal experiences with both distributions,
I would say that the gui calamaris installer that Manjaro uses is significantlly better then the pile of junk that Antergos uses.

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I like Antergos better because it’s closer to upstream Arch. The Cnchi installer is also a thing of beauty.

Both Antergos and Manjaro are decent distros, and can do pretty much anything.