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Manjaro +obs+NDI

Hey guys finally went back to using linux and im having the time of my life in manjaro using ateam proton and obs! the only thing im having huge issues both sometimes installing and getting to work properly is the obs-ndi plugin, i’ve been trying every possibel method i can think of and is wondering if any other of you have manage to get it work in manjaro? without bugs etc?

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I wanted to reply to my own post since i found the issue,

And that beeing :slight_smile:

Package manager for ubuntu/debian does something wrong, but if you install obs from their own website posted terminal commands and obs-ndi from github everything will work fine :slight_smile:

:cowboy_hat_face: Ubuntu / Canonical doesn’t keep an up to date build of OBS Studio in it’s official repo.

But yeah, OBS from their website, via their provided PPA at the download page, or the AUR for Arch-based distros are always up to date.

I know you already solved it but for anyone wondering why obs-ndi isn’t working with their build you need obs-studio, ndi-sdk, and avahi to install obs-ndi-bin from the AUR.

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sorry for the late answer but no it wasent ::S

I’ve found the libndi Debian package doesn’t properly symlink at all. It just puts 3 copies of the same file rather than symlinks.