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Manjaro not Outputting Audio to Rear Panel

So I have manjaro on my system. I honsestly haven’t used it in an eternity, so I don’t remember if this happened before or if I ever had this problem before.

So, mac pro 3,1, mankjaro. I’m trying to use the rear panel for audio and my headphones specifically, but I’m not getting any output. When I open PavUControl it says headphones are plugged in, not audio out. I don’t /normally/ have audio issues, so my first instincgt is to disable the front panel audio (the plug is 100% fucked anyways) but… I don’t remember how.

I have also rebooted, tried to reinstall pulse, etc. The last time I had to screw with pulse was like, 2011. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo help.

disable auto-mute in alsamixer

or hdajackretask to reconfigure/disable broken jack socket