Manjaro i3 won't enable sound

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I recently installed Manjaro i3 on my ASUS TUF-FX505 but cannot get the sound to work. The buttons all seem correctly mapped, but even when using alsamixer to unmute the master volume it doesn’t register. Does anyone have some suggestions that they can provide? I was really hoping to use a rolling release distro along with i3 (since I am too daunted by DWM). Thanks in advance!

Did you make sure that you are unmuting the speaker connection and not the headphone connection. Some soundcard isolate these and some just have them included as hardware profiles.

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So I tried doing everything possible, with and without headphones plugged in but even with everything not muted there is still no sound. Here’s a screenshot in case it helps at all.

I don’t know what to say. Can you try with an ArchLive disc or a Debian Live Disc and compare. If you get sound in Arch, then you should get sound in Manjaro and you should be able to set those values with no issues. If you have not sound with Arch, try Debian. Then compare.

I would also say, make sure you have universal plug and play set in Bios and also see if you have IOMMU turned on/off and toggle that.

Also, if you do an lspci -nn -v | grep -i "audio" and see if your sound card is recognized. You can replace “audio” with the vendor name if you know what it is. If you get nothing back, then run lspci -v and look to see if any device is recognized but unknown.

If you do see that your sound card is recognized, do an lsmod -v and look for a module that has “snd” or “audio” or something. It could be very possible that you need to reload the module, or your user does not have rights to the device.

also what groups does your user belong to. You can find this out with running group.

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Hey there, so sorry it’s been a long time for my reply. I had to get my class done so I installed the XFCE version of Manjaro and have been using that for the time being. The funny thing is, when I installed the DE alongside i3 it still didn’t work, so it’s something off about the i3 version of Manjaro. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, but I’ll have to return to it later when I have more free time. Still odd that a different flavor works, but I’ll take it!

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