Manjaro and VLC Issues

Hey guys,

So I finally settled on using Linux Manjaro KDE (off shoot of Arch) for its good looks and presentation. I have it running in a VM with Workstation Pro. Its got 2GB of RAM and 30GB hard disk. All VMware tools are updated.

My issue is with VLC player and playing video files from a network share. I get the following message when I try open a video from a network share. It works fine if I copy it to the local machine. The blurred our section is just the IP address of the device and the user name associated with it for authenticating purposes.

Any ideas on how to get this work? Ive dug through other things about this but about half were Windows based and everything else I found was of no use.

Did you check this?

I did not see that one initally, sadly Im still trying to navigate my way through Linux, I dont know the general structure or where to look for these settings. Any suggestions for pointing me in the right direcdtion? I did see in my package manager that I already had the CIFS and SMB packages installed.

just to be clear: you haven't actually installed it on your PC, you're running it in a VM [presumably] in Windows?

Yes, Manajro as the guest, W7 Pro as the host. VLC 2.2.4-5 is installed on Manjaro currently.