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Manjaro 19 pamac missing flatpak support.. Trying to understand rolling release

I have 2 manjaro VMs one running version 20 and the other version 19. I’m using these vm’s to become fimiliar with manjaro before I install it on hardware. The reason I installed the 2nd version was because of flatpak support from pamac. I wanted to update the 19 version to also have flatpak support so I did ‘sudo pacman -Syu’ rebooted and I still do not have flatpak as an option from pamac. I even switched my 19 to the unstable branch of manjaro and still did not see any change. I have clearly misunderstood how a rolling release distro works. Can someone help me understand how I’m meant to add support for this? Any assistance would be appreciated.

First thing’s first, double check that the versions of pamac match.

If so, this might be a config option.

I’m not particularly sure, since the docs don’t have anything on it, but you might need to dig through the configs to find it.

According to pamac the pamac-gtk is on version on both systems. Am I looking at the wrong package?

Okay it turns out that the feature I was looking for had to be installed as its own package ‘pamac-flatpak-plugin’ I guess the new version has this installed by default where the previous does not.

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