Managing keys... not those keys

I have an increasingly large collection of keys… not cryptographic keys, but physical keys and fobs, mostly for accessing server closets, and unlocking racks, chassis, etc.

Does anyone have a management solution that they like, whether it centers on a piece of hardware or just an approach for storing several keychains in a useful way?

Currently, I just keep several keychains in a pouch.

How about a key box?

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Right now I use a cheap metal shower curtain holder. Last count I had 39 keys strung on it. Once I’m settled in my new place I will have a keybox beside the door. You might look at a retractable keychain like I remember highschool janitors using.

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Yeah that might be good. Keybox is nice, but I’m not quite there. Need something more portable.

In my case, I need to keep keys separated by physical location, so I’ll have ~6 keys on a ring. I don’t need/want to break it down into individual keys.

then all of you’re security relies on that box and its usually trash


Key boxes are for managing keys, not keeping them safe.
Safes are for keeping things safe.

Key boxes are the key equivalent of these things:

Meant to organize it while it sits in a safe.


If it’s just ~6 keys per ring, that you want separated by location, maybe you could just make efficient use of a number of these.

One per location. Load up an S-Biner with the sets you need.

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Not sure if this applies to your situation, but I really like my keysmart. Maybe you could use a few to consolidate keys, organize them by site or location or customer or something.


Yes, this looks good. Just have to see if it will accommodate all of the form factors. Then attach them to a larger ring as @Levitance described.

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Part 2:

I have one of those too. For around 2 years now i think. I’m pretty happy with it. Getting smaller keys out can be a bit finicky, but the overall better handling makes up for that. Highly recommend it.

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How many keys do you have per location on average guessing 1?
Honestly this would be a good solution imo

or this

Another thrifty solution might be a business card binder (customer contact info card behind keys)


Key box at each location with the set of keys for that location. Be it a room, or rack aisle. That was its available for everyone who requires access to them, and are located at the place they’re needed.

Backup keys for everywhere in a central office safe.

I assume you don’t have the money to just get rid of keys altogether?

I don’t know of any key boxes that are actually secure.

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There’s no requirement for security mentioned, and i would assume that the server closets, racks, and chassis would already be behind another door with restricted access.

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That’s a good point. :confused:

I always think overkill.

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Risk management :smile: Is it required? Depends on who has access and what the initial access is like. But if they’re not currently securing keys in a “secure” method, it probably doesn’t need to much more than it already has.

A simple keybox will probably do the trick, your wanting key management and ease of use more than key security (assuming sufficient security already in place)

Attach a small keybox to each rack asile or location, maybe with a pin entry so it can easily be changed when employees leave the controlling department, it should be sufficient for storage, and sufficient enough deterrent for its purpose.

The other option is complete overkill. Get rid of keys, and put card and biometric access on everything.

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Client keys so not up to me.

I’m going with the smart key for each location with its own retractable key chain.