Man to launch himself in homemade rocket to prove earth is flat

I ran across this today, and felt many lulz are to be had.

To tell the truth I can’t even comprehend an idea of a flat planet, but some people are just stupid I guess.


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Should it really be?


“I don’t believe in science,” Hughes said, according to the AP. "I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust. But that’s not science, that’s just a formula.

I would like to know what his definition of science is…

The way I see it happening:
Option 1- He launches, observes that it is in fact round, falls gracefully back to earth & spreads this knowledge to fellow halfwits.

Option 2 (more likely)- The launch is a complete failure & he plummets into a mountain at 500miles an hour.

It’s a win-win situation really.


At the pathetic height for a rocket he will reach (1800ft/550m) he will not see the earth’s curvature, so in the event he doesn’t become a skid-mark then he will most likely continue to believe the earth is flat.

If he was able to see that the earth is not flat then he’d probably just blame the atmosphere warping the light to make it appear as though it’s round (seriously… these people sometimes…) or some other ludicrous explanation to justify their ridiculous theory.


How can someone be intelligent enough to build a rocket but dumb enough to believe flat earth BS.


Because maybe we’re really the dumb ones? Things like this really make you wonder wtf is going on…


It stems from the current distrust of authority, and who can blame them really. Being intelligent doesn’t stop you from being wrong, just means you can be wrong faster than everyone else.


This. I like this.


But earth is flat.
I can see it from here, for i am the sun!


Relevant viewing.


This really made my day!

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IMHO it’s a hoax
People have been putting camcorders on Helium balloons for years, plus the rocket looks fake.

this is from 2010, the newer ones are awesome
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There’s several ways that something like this could go:

  1. He’ll die trying;
  2. He will fail but he’ll survive and he will continue to believe in flat Earth;
  3. He will succeed but he won’t be satisfied with the result so he’ll continue to believe in flat Earth;
  4. He will succeed and admit that he was wrong, in which case the Flat Earth Society will declare that he’s been a sleeper agent all along.

Basically, you can’t win against stupid. Stupid stays stupid.


Option 3: Launches, sees the earth as a circle, coins are circular, coins are flat, therefore earth is a coin and flat…

This legit made the radio news here in Ireland and they were struggling to hold back the belly spitting coffee laughs. They did poke idiocy and fun at the entire notion and you could hear the grin over the radio.

Personally I think it will end up with my option 3 or he will take off, succeed and not know how to land and crash and die becoming a martyr for flat earthers or the rocket will explode during launch and back to being a martyr.

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It’s interesting just out or pure morbid curiosity to see that some of these people are shown evidence than then say it’s flat enough because it would be far more curved if the earth was round. They are completely oblivious to the shear size of the earth.


They should be mandatory supplied with a trails bike and a copy of The Long Way Round and told to make the trek. If they refuse they still have to do it but with out the bike.

Nothing will humble you over distance faster than having to make the journey.

Here’s video of one of his earlier launches I think it went a quarter of a mile.

He’s postponing the event because he couldn’t get permission.

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