Malwarebytes 3.0

holy shit
this is the first time ive Ever seen this.
look at my cpu bars.
malwarebytes has actually fucking optimized for multithreaded scanning
also the C: was Blipping read speed throughputs in the 150MB/s range at its max.
the whole quickscan was like 1:45

only sad thing tho...
the old version of malwarebytes was 25 for 3 keys for a year
this new one is $39.99 per year for the first key, but only $10 each additional key after that
but it includes a full feature set

Glad to see devs actually utilizing the cores finally.

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i know rite ?
it only took them decades to use more than ONE THREAD
and it only used my actual PHYSICAL CORES
as you can see its using 6 threads not all 12

now only if windows would optimize for NVME and lightning fast storage with high Q-depth multithreaded requests

Yh, should be defacto these days but noo. I'm not a software developer but still think that software is handicapped by far in comparison to the hardware we use.

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we have drives that can read multiple GIGS a second and some enthusiast cpus with 10 cores and 20 threads.


in General when i click a task.

i want the program to use 100% of my pc to get it done in nanoseconds

honestly in this day and age, it should be a crime to create a singlethreaded application or game

Quick scan is now actually quick.

the scan took like a minute and a half

That explains why my last few scans went so damn fast!

I think since version 3.0 they stopped providing the free version and only have premium now.

It is still free but you have to manually scan and it does not include anti-exploit

I still use the older version of Malwarebytes, and just update definitions.
I like the older interface better.
And a full system scan takes about 8 mnutes.