Malware found in Puush, my favorite screenshot program

Guess it is time to change passwords for stuff.

Gotta clean my PC up first. Tried to get a screen shot yesterday and it wouldn't upload. Tomorrow might be a good time for a fresh install on my ssd that hasn't been plugged in since I got it in the mail.

are people who have received screenshots affected at all?

Should only affect anyone who downloaded puush before the latest update. If you viewed a screenshot I doubt anything happened to your PC. I haven't read up anymore on it, but will be doing a fresh install, and probably changing a lot of passwords afterwards since I like to use online banking.

I think ShareX is better anyway, plus it counts as Free and Open-Source Software. Too bad it's Windows-only, but at least Linux has Shutter.

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I used to use gyazo, then they stopped supporting mp4 capture. (when you captured a gif it would have a tab for "video") now i use print screen, paint and

Haven't found anything suspicious, probably helps that I do a terrible job of updating if it isn't a video driver. I think I might stick with puush. Haven't checked into the other suggestions, maybe one of these days. I am a fairly lazy internet user. If it works I usually don't bother looking at options. Their response was quick enough I think. Fucking keyloggers are always annoying. Damn you 4chan!

@jon666 Was fixed by puush the day it was found. The malware was only released for a few hours.

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That is good to hear. Was directed to webpage when I tried to open puush which is the only reason I heard about it.

blame 4chan!