Maks Hacks: Disable Pen Flicks in Windows 7

In this video I will be showing how to disable pen flicks (and associated apps) using three steps:
Using group policy editor, in the Pen and Touch control panel, and in the Programs and Features control panel.

Any questions, email me.

very interesting... what is the release tempo gonna be liek?

Going to aim for 2-3 videos a week, plus a few videos on my game channel as well, I shall see how this goes.

oh, wow, I was thinking more like 2-3 a month... lol

Good for you!

I love your video and I think you do a really nice job of executing the content and getting it across to the person starring at the screen.

I just hope your personal fan-base is big enough/grows big enough to feed you ideas!

NOTE: Do not sacrife quality for quantity. I've seen too many people and friends flop when they think quantity substitutes well thought out content.

Out of curiosity, why is this not on the razethew0rld channel like some of the earlier episodes?

I separated from RTW/TS a few months back.  Doing my own thing as of now, I have this channel, and a future gaming channel,