Making Win8 not UCKSay



Dad has complained of Windows 8 problems since buying a new Dell laptop. They are enough of a headache, that he already wants to replace his machine with a Win7 build. He hasn't elaborated about the issues he is having but I am sure they involve metro and the abscence of the start menu. 

I know there have been mods that ammend many of these concerns, but I know nothing of them.

I have heard Logan talk about "Startisback", which apparently brings the Start button back to Win8 but does it provide any other advantages. 

Also, are their other mods that might be more comprehensive?

StartIsBack, Classic Shell, Start8.  Those are the big ones.  Classic Shell is free and works just fine.  the other ones cost just a few bucks ($5 i think) and offer alot more options and graphics.  Logan likes Start Is Back because it's fully integrated into the OS

external harddrive / thumb drive

Wipe disc

Windows 7

It's what I would do if I was forced to buy a computer with windows 8 on it haha.

I considered this option, as well. I will end up doing this if we can't resolve his issues by modding Win8.

I would have done it immediately if I still was able to get $15 copies of Win7 UltEd from my University but we have exausted that priveledge. 

I don't want to pirate it...

win8+startisback is what logan uses. I plan on going server 2012 (basically win 8 pro, with extra features) on my new desktop, with startisback, when I get it....

I have windows 8 with startisback, and it's much better performance (boot up, shut down, accesing files wise) than windows 7 and it feels just like windows 7 with startisback :D