Making the switch!

I've finally had enough of windows & am moving to Linux on my gaming rig. I've been running Ubuntu for about a year on a laptop & love it, so will probably start there.

I'm running:
MSI Z97S SLI Krait edition Motherboard
i5 4690k
2 x GeForce G1 gaming 980ti in SLI
Samsung 850 EVO M2 SSD

I know that Linux isn't the happiest place for SLI, but to be honest, the Windows SLI experience isn't all that fantastic either & I end up playing a lot of games on a single card to get away from bugs, or just don't find it that the games need that much power.

Fingers crossed it goes as well as the laptop did :)

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Good luck! I've been gaming on Linux for the past 8 months, I did play some Witcher 1 on Windows for a few weeks.

Thanks, it seems to be going pretty well. Ubuntu didn't work out, so I switched to Mint 17.2 Mate & its great so far. Using the nvidia 352 drivers.

Metro: last light runs SLI without doing anything.

My fps results were- in a random tunnel(first save point I could get to):
1440 very high settings, SSAA OFF, 4xAF, 102fps
1440 very high settings, SSAA OFF, 16xAF, 102fps
1440 very high settings SSAA ON, 16xAF, 25fps (does not like SSAA).
4K very high settings, SSAA OFF, 4xAF, 44fps
4L very high settings, SSAA ON, 16xAF, 8fps

There was also a fair bit of screen tearing, more noticeable in 4K which i'll need to try & fix, as it is not just a gaming issue, i see it when scrolling through websites as well. I'm thinking it may be a compositing issue.

From memory for comparison, I had vsync enabled in windows, played the whole game in 4K with everything maxed including all the Anti-aliasing stuff & had 60fps constant except for a buggy section where the game kept crashing.

So performance isn't as good, but I wasn't expecting it to be & i'm quite happy with the results so far.