Making the switch to Ubuntu

So i currently run windows and just recently, Ubuntu Gnome on separate drives, i like Linux much more than windows, what is your opinion on 100% Linux, whats gaming like? Similar FPS? That shouldn't be a problem anyhow, i have a 290 and an i5 3570k. Should i get 16 gigs of ram instead of 8? I'm new to Linux and how everything works still. All i do is play games, talk to friends on team-speak, and web browsing. All opinions appreciated. :)

You may want to dual boot for the time being until you test that all the games you play will run on Linux, if not there is always Wine to try, and if that doesn't work for you there is always virtualization to play around with if your K series CPU supports it.

Welcome to Linux.

I run arch linux on my main PC that I also game on and I've been happy with how its running. I can definitely tell you that you wont need more then 8 GB of ram, I have 16 and I haven't seen a time where its gone over 50% usage and I usually have a lot of stuff open at once. But you might find that A lot of games you want to play cant run in linux or don't run as well as you might like so I would recommend dual booting until you find a way get everything to run the way you want under linux.

Currently you can not play direct x games in linux unless it is ported. afaik. fps varies a lot I look at it like this. Does the game run to the point where I am not asking why does it feel like shit?

Teamspeak and webbrowsing will not be an issue.