Making my vrm coolIinng active

I am looking to add a fan to my m5a99fx pro motherboard on or near the VRM heatsink.  im receiving this tomorrow (the VRM section of my m5a97 le 2.0 was making my case scalding with my new 8350!) Just want to make sure those VRMs stay nice and cool, but whats a good way to attach a fan near that heatsink?  thanks!

You wont need to - as you may have noticed on your old board there was no heatsink to speak of, whereas on your new board there is a decent block on there.

As long as you have sufficient airflow in the case there will be no issue. If you have a case that has fan mounts on the roof above the motherboard attach some decent fans.

No fans on top or holes for ventilation, I may suspend a small fan via zipties to the top

Zip-ties are like the duct tape of computers imo.  find a place to zip-tie a fan and it should help.  I would suggest getting a fan that has some sound dampening, it's going to be pretty loud otherwise.  

I have a corsair AF120 quite edition zip tied to some vent holes on the side panel of an HP case that helps keep fresh air going to my 660.  It's a bit of a ghetto rig, but that fan is quite and keeps things nice and cool and I can play all my games well enough.

i dont think you need to do anything dude, the heat sinks on that board is pretty adequate already. i know i have that board and i know MisteryAngel can chime in too haha

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 should be fine no need for active vrm cooling in my opinnion.

I appreciate the comments guys!!! Forgive me for being paranoid, as chance would have it, the m5a97 le 2.0 fried THE DAY the other board arrived.  Took my psu with it, or vice versa.  Evidentally I was getting some throttling too because when I replaced the board, my tomb raider fps shot from 45 to an almost consistent 60. Socket temps sit around 55 when gaming which is still a bit high for my liking, but seems to be pretty common on the 8350 with any board