Making my RAM run at 1866mhz

I have a sabertooth 99fx MBO and 2x4gb of Kingston Hyperx memory (1866). But for the life of me I can't get it to work over 1600mhz. 


I'm aware I have to change the timings and possibly the voltage. OK, the timing according to the website is 10-11-10  and the voltage is 1.5v. Sounds easy. Right?  


I get into the uefi bios thingy then AI tweaker and I'm confronted with a pleathora options of which I have no idea are the ones relevant to my predicament. In other words there is no definitive "timing" and "voltage" option but several of them. Any one have any experience with this?


Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

DRAM timing control menu is where you should look to change your timings, voltage can be changed on the main AI tweaker page by changing voltage from offset mode to manual mode then entering in the DRAM voltage manually. Now as for setting the DRAM frequency you are going to need to change the AI tweaker settings to manual so you can set the DRAM frequency to 1866. I hope this helps. Most Asus UEFI bios screens are pretty close to one another, I have a M5A99FX Pro R2.

Thanks, another thing that is slightly related. I have to sticks of kingston 1866 ram and 2 sticks of patriot viper 1866 ram. Can they be on the same board or do I have to make a Sofie's Choice?

I would advise against mixing different brands of RAM even if they are the same timings and frequency. Sometimes you get instability because they don't want to play nice with each other.

about those 2 diffrent ram brands, you have to look if the timings and voltages are the same, if thats the case, you can try it, but dont mix them up on the channels, so the kingstons a channel 0 slot 1/3 and patroits at channel 1 slot 2/4. only if the timings and voltages are equal.