Making My Own Cheap WiFi Extender?

Hey everyone, recently I've wanted to make a cheap wireless extender with parts I have laying around my house. I'm expecting there to be some latency, I know, but I don't mind since I won't be gaming on it. 

What I have laying around:

A netbook with a 160GBHDD, Intel N450 and 1GB of ram, with an Ethernet port and WiFi adapter

Wireless Router with an Ethernet Lan/Internet input

A short Ethernet cable

Ethernet crossover cable (not sure if its useful)

Tons of different .ISO files (lots of different flavors of Linux, lots of different windows .ISO files)



My plan was to connect my netbook to the already existing WiFi signal, tell my netbook to route the signal to output out of my Ethernet port to the router, and then broadcast a different wireless name/password from my second router. 

Explanation with more words, and hopefully better explained plan: 

Wireless router 1 (broadcasting internet to other devices) ---> Netbooks wireless adapter picks up the signal and connects to wireless router 1 ---> Turns the WiFi Signal that the netbook connects to, and then outputs the internet signal through the Ethernet Adapter to Router 2 which is connected to the netbook by that Ethernet cable ---> Router 2 turns the Ethernet connection into a WiFi connection which can then be connected to, to acess the internet.

Would this work? Is it possible? How would I do this, and with which O.S? I've tried looking around but couldn't find anything to help. Hopefully the smart people of this website could help! 


should be simple enough to do. You could do this in pretty much any OS, you just need to bridge the wireless and wired connections on the netbook. Make sure to keep everything on the same subnet.

If you don't have a lot of wi-fi signals where you are you might want to put the two routers on different channels, this will allow both to transmit at the same time and maximize bandwidth. just keep them on non overlapping channels (1, 6, or 11).

Also make sure to disable DHCP on the second router, only the main router connected to the modem will need DHCP the second will only be used as an access point/switch.

I've tried bridging the connections in windows 8 and 7, but I was never able to turn the WiFi signal and output it out of my Ethernet port on my netbook. That's mostly the only part I cant figure out. 

I may be bridging them wrong, or something else, but I'm not sure. 

It should work, make sure everything is on the same subnet, try disabling the windows firewall and make sure you only have one DHCP server.

You also can do this without the netbook if your router's firmware supports repeater bridge mode. I did this for awhile with a junky Cisco router with DD-WRT before I upgraded my AP.