Making life better with Linux

So yesterday I was just helping some buddies upgrade their old computers to the latest version of Xubuntu cause we wanna play Diablo II here soon and I didn't want them using fuckin' Windows Vista and XP casually besides the fact to only end up getting a virus and getting pwned. The buddy who had the laptop running Vista noticed huge increases in speed thanks to the entirely less bloated nature of Xubuntu (on top of just not being a pre-installed pile of windows shite.)

I felt pretty good about the fact that I could help them make use of shitty old computers that would otherwise be useless soggy toast running XP and Vista. He's reporting way better user experience now after switching from vista so that felt pretty awesome. On top of that Diablo II runs flawlessly in WINE which is gonna be awesome. The other buddy doesn't use the computer all that much but should hopefully be able to run older games on it and emulators, so yeah.

Besides that I also hooked my parents up a while ago with xubuntu on an older PC so they could use that without getting haxxed and it seems to be working ok for them. Granted they just use their tablet more than anything, but the option is there when they need a real computer.

What are your stories of helping friends and family join the linux masterrace?