Making Karaoke video with Final Cut Pro X

I'm trying to make a Karaoke Video using Final Cut Pro. Are there any free, common plugins, or easy ways to get subtitles that light up along with the lyrics. I have a MacBook Pro with OS 10.10.5 and Final Cut Pro X.

So this is kind of something you want to do in Motion really but if you are looking to use FCPX then there are no free plugins for this that I know of. There is subtitling software that with some creativity you can get to do what you want that will plug into FCPX though. The main issue is that apple is not utilizing Speech and Text Recognition in the way you want at the moment. I am forgetting at the moment if Apple has even integrated speech recognition into FCPX i know Avid and Premiere have at times had some limited use of cross referencing Speech recognition with text search to find spots on clips but this is at least the last time i checked not something you can really make good use of.

Annotation Edit is probably the best out there right now it gives you a free 30 day trial but is fairly expensive.

I have not tried SUGARfx but it looks promising