Making good graphics with no man-power?

I am developing a 2d Platformer game. The problem I am having is, I really don’t want to use pixel art. I know pixel art is perfectly viable, but for the exact reason I’m asking this, so many damn games these days use it. every other type of graphics seem to have a ridiculous amount of time devoted to it. Even pixel art does. I want to make this game in a reasonable amount of time. I think I have the artistic capability to animate my characters (going for just simple cartoon characters, similar to games like Castle Crashers and Super Meat Boy, that a-bit-better-than-flash-game look). It is just so damn time consuming. And I have no experience with animating itself, just drawing.
So I am wondering what is the best way to make 2d game graphics in a reasonable amount of time, other than pixel art?

Have you ever played game, named “The guild of dungeoneering”?

Also “Paper Sourcerer”?

There used to be a third person multiplayer shooter I believe on the PS4, that is made in the same style.

My point is - just sketch graphics with low frame animations. An attack - 3 frames: Idle, raised hand and strike frame and back to idle. May be a couple more, but still. Don’t waste your time coloring stuff. Just sketch stuff…
Fast and easy.

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