Making a good pellet gun better. Crosman 1377 mods

I am going to spend some time and money on this pellet gun and see what we come up with. It is a Canadian version so <495 FPS stock I have no way to measure this so it will be judged on feel and observation. At first just some of the quick and easy asthetic mods and perhaps some trigger and pump/piston work. I still don't know if I am able to get the hi-perf valve and piston in Canada cause stupid laws. Time will tell.

Base gun was $90.00 all funds in Canadian dollars.
Phase 1: Crosman custom sholder stock $20.00
Crosman LPA mim sight $60.00
Crosman steel breech kit $60.00

Also picked up a tin of these ridiculous pellets because autism.


Going to start by putting on the shoulder stock. Easy peasy 2 screws.

Pros: more leverage for pumping, better stability for aiming and pulling this rather stiff trigger, easy to swap out, and its only 20 bucks.
Cons: no longer fits in a back pack, still plastic.

Happy with this purchase? yes.

Next the stell breech and new sight. I decided to go open sights for better close range, all the scopes I found that where less than $100 don't work well inside 20 yards. For now that will do Pig.

Back together now the sight.

Now I just centered the sight mounted it and fired at this getto target I made from about 15 feet, I was worried that I would have to dick around to get it set up, Bam!

Pros: Way better fit n finish, dovetail mount for future expansion, improved accuracy, looks fucken cool.
Cons: A noticeable weight gain, not cheap due to needing to get a new sight as the original one no longer fits the steel breech.
Happy with this purchase? So far so good, still to be determined.

Thats the end of Phase 1. Next I think we will get this trigger sorted out, Stay tuned.

Anyone else who has any experience doing stuff like this or any imput please share with the rest of the class, Thanks.

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Looks fun, makes me want to dig up the pellet gun in the garage.

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I've got a pellet gun sitting I'm my closet that I suddenly feel like messing with...
And that's the classiest target I've ever seen.

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The beginning of what I am calling Operation trigger finger.

Going to polish up the trigger sear and hammer.
While its apart I put the 177cal barrel and breach on the 2240 so I can use up some of my 177 pellets. This combo shoots very well.

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Man this hammer is rusty.

I will clean that up. I belive its due to well living in a rain forest but also because of the de-tune hole they put in the valve to cripple it <495 fPS, this hole shall be known as the C hole, it vents into the hammer chamber.

Going to plug it with a little stainless screw I found and a bit of Loctite blue.

The screw will self tap into the soft aluminum then I will lop off it's head

Smooth and polished all the trigger gubbins.

Re assembled both guns.

So no money spent about 2 hours of fiddling around and violla. Any better you ask, yup here is the trusty 3/8 MDF penitration test. The Squares are before, they bounced off and left a divit. The circles are after pellets burried and almost getting through.
I am calling that a win.

Oh and the trigger is improved, not a hair trigger don't really want that anyways but half of what it was before is just right.


Nice, that is some clean work.
And I've reported you to your local authorities

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Well all done with this gun. Added an 18 inch barrel 177 cal and a UTG Bug Buster scope. Very happy with the out come, pick a letter on the can at 50 feet and put 5 pellets through a dime sized hole. All in about 300$ Canadian. probably would not buy one at that price cause I am cheep but building it up over time was quite fun and a leaning experience for sure. Next I am going to do up the 2240, just received a second valve to play with.