Make Jellybean look like KitKat/Lollipop?

I was wondering if there was a way to make Jellybean (4.2.2) look like KitKat or Android L. I recently had to downgrade my KitKat install to Jellybean as to get Safestrap and Nexus ROM 1.0.1 on my Kindle. I can't really flash a newer ROM (as it would need to be modified to use the kernel on Fire OS 3.2.8) and I REALLY prefer white to blue :). BTW, would it be safe to install the latest GAPPS for Lollipop on Jellybean? I really like the look. I don't care for the complexity of doing this, but just want to get it done... I really don't care for blue.

Edit: I'm sorry for the fluctuation of threads recently; I just have tons of questions. I may create my own dedicated Android Q&A thread if I find I have more questions.

No. If you're just after the theme, you could try themer, but it's an extremely bad idea to try to flash the latest GAPPS.

Is there a way to get themer working on AOSP?

Edit: xposed had a module called HK Theme Chooser, and it seems to work.

There should be some CM Themes for that, I ran an Lollipop like theme for a while after switching from the Nexus 10 to a 1+1.

Pretty sure if you flash to the latest gapps that is built for 5.x.x it'll just explode. Probably.

Decided to use BetterKat Blackout as my theme and its better than Lollipop in terms of looks IMO. I like simply black and white... maybe some gray.