Make Battlefield 3 Great Again

In anticipation for BF V’s release, and just general nostalgia around playing BF3 (in my opinion the best game in the franchise) a friend and I have rented a server in Dallas. We will be running normal rules, rush and conquest/CQ large, on Vanilla maps, Close Quarters, and some other DLCs, which I’m pretty sure are free now!

If you don’t own the game, it’s $5 I think. Prolly less on G2A. We also have a Teamspeak if you wanna hang out

Add it to your favorites!

Edit - Updated the rules today. You may have noticed we had it on 64 slots for CQ. Changed that to 32. Gonna see how the population goes over time and then maybe change up the rotation. Also disabled the much hated 3D spotting feature


Good luck, I think most of the community jumped back onto BF4 once the LA team fixed it up.

We will try. Personally never like BF4, it’s like a noob version of 3

used to play the hell out of bf3 && 4 on console. always had issues running on pc. so i havent visited it since

it was pretty funny how most people ignored the police version

What GPU are you running? BF3 screams on today’s video drivers

And yes, Hardline was quite terrible IMO. I never played it. I played BF4 for a bit on release but I got the overall feeling that the skill ceiling was nerfed. I couldn’t go on game-long killstreaks anymore and they went way overboard with the lighting effects so you can’t see shit on half the maps. Also too many gadgets and random knick-knacks to die from. BF3 was the most competitive.

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back then (bf3) 560ti, (bf4) 780ti, now 1060sc… which that is going to change considering about to go ryzen and kvm route in a few weeks

yea bf4 was a lot of fun and looked great, but wayyyyy too much going on. maps in bf3 were better in my opinion

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BF3 and BF:BC2 were the best of the series in my opinion. I’m hoping BF5 in somewhere in between the two.

I will drop in your server for a game if there are enough people. I am from UK though so not sure If I will be around at the same times.


Bad cowpany 2 was the best, excuse you.


Battlefield 3 and “great” in the same sentence. Funniest fuckin thing i’ve heard in a long time.

Another great example of the mind-blowing inability of people to see how dysfunctional and just outright ABYSMAL something is. I got BF3 finally over 2 years ago to see what it was like… I NEVER thought i’d play something WORSE than Call of Duty. I didn’t think it was possible. CoD seems masterful by comparison.

A game where:

  1. A ridiculously detailed weapon customization system was implemented. It’s a gun-lovers DREAM COME TRUE!
  2. You have to LEAD SHOTS as close as 20. FUCKING. METERS. AWAY…

I’m sorry. Maybe I didn’t get the memo. Are we using airsoft bullets in BF3? I’ve never seen such conflicting game design elements combined together in a game. EVER. Campier than Call of Duty, and just outright disorienting. I’ve been playing BF since 1942. The basic basics are there. Go to a CP, stay there. Capture it. But THIS? Half the time, i don’t even know where i’m getting shot from, or i’m just too busy being into deep thought; thinking about how you can just sit in a position prone and fucking stay there for MINUTES without moving. Or you get shot by a tank a fucking mile away. And let’s not forget 64 retards running around with red diamonds above their heads.

Perhaps I missed a tutorial somewhere? :joy:

Seriously. It’s one of those games where you naturally have to ask “was this even PLAYTESTED?” There’s NO WAY such conflicting game designs were put together and they called that something functional.

And what angers me most is HOW GOOD the weapon modifications are done in that game. Just… such a shame. It’s a gun lover’s PARADISE.

And unless BFV plays with clock-work precision and the type of balance found in Heroes and Generals? I’ll just stick with H&G. Might not look as good. But I know a good game when I play one. And loading into a Battlefield 3 match is like being an animal that’s lived on a farm its whole life. Only to be let out into the middle of fucking Madison Square Garden.

Impossible to overstate how fucking retarded that game is. WOW!

The only thing I can say is… am I missing something? Because i’ve played complicated games before. I play EVE for fuck’s sake. This is just an FPS.

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Dunno, I’m sporting 1000+ SPM and like 4.0KD in BF3, even played in the quasi-comp scene back in the day. It’s fun for me and many other hardcore BF players. I just like to have fun stomping

Oh god, Hardline was a joke for sure.

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This prolly explains it tbh, When GTA V released on PC I stopped playing Battlefield for ages. When i went back to it I was playing like I had a brain haemorrhage.

As for the spotting I know that a lot of people rock smokes to and stealth spec to stay hidden.

No… Overwhelmingly shitty game design explains it. And since when it GTA COMPLEX? DA PHUQ?

Am I the only one who likes Battlefield 3,4 than their successors lol!

Hard for me to like BF4 when tanks and you, the character, get stuck on things in the environment. Now this happened with the console version in single player. Has anyone experienced any of this with BF4 on pc?

I got basic BF3. No ultra/mega/deluxe edition. And it felt like I was playing incomplete game. In every map i had access to only 2 weapons or so, unless I picked up a weapon from someone else. And I couldn’t play half of the maps because I didn’t buy any DLC. After 4 hours i uninstalled the game along with Origin and never went back to it.

The DLCs are all free now I thought.

Anyway, I’m not renewing the server guys. Seems like the Germans are the only ones still playing the game.

This does not surprise me. There is that stereotype out there that the only games German’s play are shooting genre games.

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