Major upgrade help $1000 buget

Hi guys well i just need some input on my selection. Im planing on upgradeing my pc here are my specs now.


my specs

750w rosewell psu

6870 xfx 1 gb

1600mhz 4x4gb ripjaws gskill

m4a88t-v evo asus motherboard 

955 be 3.2ghz @ 3.8

antec 620 (modded- clear tubes and added swifttech rez and ek coolant)

2x 320 hdd raid0 os

1x 500gb

1x 360gb

windows 7 pro

30" lcd 1080p (main)

22" 1600x1050

razer mouse


i do a lot of dvd burning and have a dns server runing in back ground also i have ocd with lag in games. Im planing on gettin a ssd in the future maby 2 months so i can worry about high end hardware. I will need a new keyboard since my good one broke. I will need a backlit keyboard also i will be ocing my ram to 1866 so here is wat I was thinking and ill explain why on each

amd 8350 4ghz $190

i require a lot of power because of the video converting and dns server and i do a lot with vmware

sabertooth gen3 motherboard $200

I like this board because its the only am3+ board with pcie 3.0 so changeing the board could be a option if needed I just like the future proof.

xfx 7950 3gb $330

I like the 3gb since I will be designing games with unity 3d and the power is nice and can be overclocked to run just as fast as the 7970.

cosiar h100i $109

The stock cooler is not good enuf to keep the cpu cool and I plan on overclocking to around 4.5ghz also I am planing on getting a full wc custom loop I will be changeing out the h100i with it or I can get it now if we change things up.

aerocool xpredator-x3 $132

I like this case cause my wife wants a white case and I can put a 2x120 rad in it also the cable management is perfect but might be willing to change.

hyper x cooler $22

for cooling ram

need a key board

here are all links case cpu mobo cooler memory cooler

thank you plz give opinons

Is there even a single period in that post? You have OCD but it doesn't bother you that there no capital letters or periods? :P

Im sorry about that and no I have ocd about lag and screen tearing but I will fix that. I like to play games at max cuase if not I feel like im missing out on stuff and I would rather wait till I can play on max.


Don't Worry about it, so is there anything you want to keep in that old build?

Im planing on keeping hard drives, psu , dvd drive, and ram. im selling the video card and cpu and mobo to a freind he will be crossfiring his 6850 with the 6870 for a bit of a boost.